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Inquiry into life comping only version (11th ed )

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Learning is much more than reading a textbook. That's why the 10th edition of Inquiry into Life is integrated closely with an Online Learning Center where students and professors alike will benefit. The OLC provides animations, virtual labs, online quizzing, Power Point lecture outlines, and other tools that will help make teaching a little easier and learning a lot more fun. Inquiry into Life covers the whole field of basic biology, and emphasizes the application of this knowledge to human concerns. Along with this approach, concepts and principles are stressed, rather than detailed, high-level scientific data and terminology.
1 The Study of LifeI Cell Biology2 The Molecules of Cells3 Cell Structure and Function4 Membrane Structure and Function5 Cell Division6 Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes7 Cellular RespirationII Plant Biology8 Photosynthesis9 Plant Organization10 Plant Reproduction, Growth, and DevelopmentIII Maintenance of the Human Body11 Human Organization12 Digestive System and Nutrition13 Cardiovascular System14 Lymphatic and Immune Systems15 Respiratory System16 Urinary System and ExcretionIV Integration and Control of the Human Body17 Nervous System18 Senses19 Musculoskeletal System20 Endocrine SystemV Continuance of the Species21 Reproductive System22 Development and Aging23 Patterns of Gene Inheritance24 Patterns of Chromosome Inheritance25 Molecular Basis of Inheritance26 BiotechnologyVI Evolution and Diversity27 Evolution of Life28 Microbiology29 Plants30 Animals: Part I31 Animals: Part IIVII Behavior and Ecology32 Animal Behavior33 Population Growth and Regulation34 Ecosystems and Human Interferences35 The Biosphere36 Conservation of Biodiversity

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