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Inorganic substances : a prelude to the study of descriptive inorganic chemistry (Paper) A Prelude to the Study of Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Cambridge Texts in Chemistry and Biochemistry Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Inorganic substances : a prelude to the study of descriptive inorganic chemistry (Paper)
Inorganic Substances is complementary in its approach to conventional inorganic chemistry textbooks. Written with the undergraduate in mind, it gives an introduction to descriptive inorganic chemistry, a systematic survey of the chemistry of the elements according to the Periodic Classification. In this way, the reader acquires a firm grasp of the principles which underlie which inorganic substances can be made, their preparations, structures, chemical reactions and physical properties. The book presents theory as a background to the facts of inorganic chemistry, rather than as an end in itself. It does not concentrate on structural detail or reaction mechanisms but stresses the interplay between thermodynamic and kinetic considerations in understanding stability. The ways in which the various theories of structure and bonding are related are thoroughly dealt with throughout. The approach of this book makes it a useful companion to any intermediate inorganic chemistry course. It should also be useful to other science students, especially earth and material scientists who need a good grounding in modern inorganic chemistry.
1. Theoretical framework of inorganic chemistry; 2. Physical methods in the characterisation of inorganic substances; 3. Nomenclature, notation and classification of inorganic structures; 4. Periodicity and atomic properties; 5. The occurrence of simple ions in crystals and solutions; 6. Covalent bonding in main group chemistry: a VB approach; 7. Molecular orbital theory in inorganic chemistry; 8. Coordination and organometallic compounds of the transition elements; 9. Inorganic reactions and their mechanisms; 10. Preparation of inorganic substances; Appendix.

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