Information technology and management with simnet mis v2 (2nd ed )

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Information Technology and Management, Second Edition by Thompson and Cats-Baril is not just an introduction to information technology, rather, it is an introduction to business processes and the information systems that can make these processes more effective. The book covers the traditional topics of information technology, information system components, and information system development. But it goes beyond this traditional coverage, showing how businesses function and how information systems enable businesses to function more effectively. The theme of IT and organizational responsiveness has been retained, but now centers on the context of how an information system can impact the competitiveness of an organization.
Chapter 1:Introduction to Information Technology and Management Module I:Foundations of Information Technology Chapter 2:Software and Hardware Chapter 3:Content Management Chapter 4:Telecommunications and Networking Chapter 5:The Internet and Electronic Commerce Module II:Organizational Uses of Information Systems Chapter 6:Information Systems and Organizational Competition Chapter 7:Information Systems and Organizational Responsiveness Chapter 8: Information Systems and Organizational Decision Making Chapter 9:Organizational Use of Information Systems Module III:Managing Information Systems Resources Chapter 10:Business Process Management and Enterprise Systems Chapter 11:Information Systems Development Chapter 12:External Information Systems Sourcing Chapter 13:Information Resource Management Chapter 14:Information Technology:Emerging and Future Issues Glossary Index