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In Search of the Perfect Health System, 1st ed. 2015

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage In Search of the Perfect Health System

Winner of the first prize in the Health and Social Care category at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2016.

With chapters on 25 different countries, this practical and succinct guide to the world's major health systems explores what lessons can be drawn from each to improve health worldwide. Each chapter is an essay designed to give the reader essential knowledge of the history, strengths, weaknesses and lessons of each health system and provide a truly global health perspective ? all in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Whether a healthcare manager or a student studying health systems, this accessible and engaging book provides a fascinating insight in to how health care is delivered around the world.

1. The Perfect Health System.- Country profiles.- Part 1: Asia and Australia.- 2. Japan – Live long and prosper.- 3. South Korea – National pride and global ambition.- 4. China – Communist chimera?.- 5. Hong Kong – Demography, democracy and destiny.- 6. Malaysia – Reform some time, soon?.- 7. Singapore – Wealth and health.- 8. Indonesia – Largest single payer in the world.-9. Australia – Advance Australia Fair.- 10. India – One country, two worlds.- Part 2: Middle East and Africa.- 11 Qatar – Build and they will come.- 12 Israel – The best kept secret in global health?.- 13 South Africa – No more false dawns.- Part 3: Europe.- 14. Russia – A distressed and distressing system.- 15. The Nordics – Decentralised welfare utopia?.- 16. The Netherlands – Competition and social solidarity.- 17. Germany – Doctor knows best.- 18. Switzerland – You get what you pay for.- 19. Italy – No longer 'la dolce vita'.- 20. Portugal – The price of austerity.- 21. France – Neither Beveridge nor Bismarck but the Republic.- 22. England – The NHS. In place of fear.- Part 4: The Americas.- 23 Canada – At the crossroads.- 24 The US – Let's face the music and dance.- 25 Mexico – Unfinished business.- 26 Brazil – Order and progress?.- Part 5: Global Challenges.- 27. Universal Healthcare – Triumph of political will.- 28. Same Problem, Different Country – The paradox of change.- 29. Clinical Quality – The more I know, the less I sleep.- 30. Value Walks – There is no healthcare without the workforce.- 31. Patients As Partners – Renewable energy.- 32. Climate Change and Sustainability – Our dirty little secret.- 33. Ageing – Every cloud has a silver lining.- Part 6: Conclusion.- 34 Conclusion – We wouldn't start from here.- Key Statistics at a Glance

Mark Britnell is Chairman and Partner of the Global Health Practice at KPMG in the UK and leads their Global Center of Excellence.

Mark masterminded the largest single new hospital building in the history of the NHS and helped develop the NHS Plan – a ten year plan for investment and reform. He speaks and writes regularly on international health affairs and the NHS and has consistently been voted one of the most influential people in the industry.

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