Human resource management (8th ed )

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Human Resource Management, Eighth Edition, continues to present both the theoretical and practical aspects of HRM. The theoretical material is presented throughout the text and highlighted via a marginal glossary. The practical aspects of HRM are presented through lively and pedagogically effective examples woven throughout the text and in the end-of-chapter materials. The new edition reflects changes in the business world in general, and the HRM function within organizations, since the previous edition was published.
PART 1 Introduction and Background of Human Resources Chapter 1 Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function Chapter 2 Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment Chapter 3 Implementing Equal Employment Opportunity Chapter 4 Job Analysis and Job Design PART 2 Acquiring Human Resources Chapter 5 Human Resource Planning Chapter 6 Recruiting Employees Chapter 7 Selecting Employees PART 3 Training and Developing Employees Chapter 8 Orientation and Employee Training Chapter 9 Management and Organizational Development Chapter 10 Career Development Chapter 11 Performance Management Systems PART 4 Compensating Human Resources Chapter 12 The Organizational Reward System Chapter 13 Base Wage Salary System Chapter 14 Incentive Pay Systems Chapter 15 Employee Benefits Chapter 16 Employee Safety and Health Chapter 17 Employee Relations PART 5 Labor Relations Chapter 18 The Legal Environment and Structure of Labor Unions Chapter 19 Union Organizing Campaign and Collective Bargaining