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Human communication: principles and contexts with powerweb (10th ed )

Langue : Anglais

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Intended for the introductory communication concepts course, this text focuses on the principles and contexts of communication studies. The award-winning authors link theory and research with fundamental concepts and create plentiful opportunities for students to apply their understanding and develop useful communication skills. Their exposition is seasoned with intriguing case studies and stimulating examples drawn from contemporary life. In addition, Tubbs and Moss show a true sensitivity to diversity--a reflection of their professional interests in gender and cultural issues.

Part One: Principles

1. The Process of Human Communication

The Importance of Human Communication

Box 1.1 Techno-Etiquette

What is Human Communication?

A Model of Human Communication

Communication Contexts

Communication Technologies

What is Effective Communication?

2. Person Perception

Perceiving People and Objects: A Comparison

Forming Impressions

Box 2.1 Self Concept East and West:Who Are You?

Some Variables Involved in Accurate Perception

Improving Perception and Communication

3. The Verbal Message

Words and Meanings

Message Encoding: A Child's Use of Language

Box 3.1 A Word About Semantics

Language and Thought

Words in Action

4. The Nonverbal Message

Interpreting Nonverbal Messages

Spatial and Temporal Cues

Visual Cues

Box 4.1 Faking It?

Vocal Cues


5. Listening

Why Listen?

Importance of Listening

Box 5.1 Listening: The Forgotten Skill

What Is Meant by Listening?

Types of Listening

How to Improve Listening

6. Conflict and Negotiation


Box 6.1 Conflict and Negotiation


7. Ethics and Communication



Box 7.1 Can We Censor Hate?

Box 7.2 Revealing Group Secrets

8. Relationships in Process

Bases of Human Attraction

Defining Characteristics of Relationships

Theories of Relationship Development

Maintaining Relationships

Box 8.1 Platonic Relationships

Family Communication

Part Two: Contexts

9. Interpersonal Communication

The Social Setting

The Dialectics of Relationships

Box 9.1 Love's Prototypes and Scripts

Assessing the Quality of an Interpersonal Relationship

Assertiveness Training

10. Intercultural Communication

A Definition of Culture

Some Dimensions and Cultural Difference

Obstacles to Intercultural Communication

Barriers to Intercultural Understanding

Box 10.1 Some Guidelines for Critical Viewers of Film and Television

Effects of Intercultural Communication

11. Interviewing

Standardized and Unstandardized Interviews

Box 11.1 Interviewing: Conversation with a Purpose

Types of Interview Questions

Suspect Questions and How to Handle Them

Types of Inadequate Responses

Interview Structure

Nondirective Interview Technique

Helpful Hints

12. Small-Group Communication

Types of Small Groups

Group Dynamics

Group Structure

Correlates of Effective Groups

Box 12.1 The Value of Work Teams

13. Public Communication

A Definition

The Speaker

The Audience

The Message

Box 13.1 Sample Speeches

14. Organizational Communication

Organization: A Definition

Organizational Culture

Importance of Communication

Box 14.1 Power in Organizations

15. Mass Communication and the New Technologies

A First Definition

The Process of Mass Communication

Box 15.1 Media Conglomerates

Box 15.2 The Journalism of Attachment

Some Effects and Outcomes

Box 15.3 Advertising and Public Relations

Implications of the New Communication Technologies





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