Health psychology with powerweb (5th ed )

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Health Psychology, 5/e by Shelley Taylor, one of the foremost researchers in health psychology, has been thoroughly revised to incorporate the latest research findings in the field. This edition offers a new design, increased pedagogy and a more concise presentation. The result is a text that conveys the increasing sophistication and complexity of the field in a manner that is accessible and exciting to undergraduates. The flexible organization and emphasis of many relevant areas of psychology make Health Psychology, 5e appropriate for courses in Health Psychology, Health and Human Behavior, and allied health and pre-med/pharmacy programs. The text takes a social psychological perspective that provides clear explanations of biological, psychological and social factors in health issues reinforced with case that illustrate important points. A variety of theoretical perspectives are incorporated as they relate to particular health problems.
Part 1: Introduction to Health Psychology
1. What is Health Psychology
2. The Systems of the Body
Part 2: Health Behavior and Primary Prevention
3. Health Behaviors
4. Health-Enhancing Behaviors
5. Health-Compromising Behaviors
Part 3: Stress and Coping
6. What is Stress
7. Moderators of the Stress Experience
Part 4: The Patient in the Treatment Setting
8. Using Health Services
9. Patient-Practitioner Relations
10. Pain and Its Management
Part 5: Management of Chronic and Terminal Illness
11. Management of Chronic Illness
12. Psychological Issues in Advancing and Terminal Illness
13. Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke and Diabetes
14. Psychoimmunology, AIDS, Cancer and Arthritis
Part 6: Toward the Future
15. Health Psychology: Challenges for the Future Glossary