Handbook of clinical drug data 10th Ed.

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This drug reference allows readers to compare and contrast various drugs within drug categories, thereby enabling them to make decisions on which drug to administer. Part 1 features ten chapters of drug monographs, and Part 2 presents clinical drug information.
Part 1: Drug Monographs. Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Antimigraine Drugs. Antomicrobial Drugs. Antineoplastics, Chemoprotectants-Immunosuppressants. Cardiovascular Drugs. Central Nervous System Drugs. Gastrointestinal Drugs. Hematologic Drugs. Hormonal Drugs. Renal and Electrolytes. Respiratory Drugs. Part 2: Clinical Drug Information. Drug-Induced Diseases. Drug Use in Special Populations. Genetic and Ethnic Considerations in Pharmacotherapy. Immunization. Medical Emergencies. Drug Interactions and Interferences. Nutrition Support. Part 3: Appendices.