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Guerrilla Capacity Planning, 2007 A Tactical Approach to Planning for Highly Scalable Applications and Services

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Guerrilla Capacity Planning

Under today?s shortened fiscal horizons and contracted time-to-market schedules, traditional approaches to capacity planning are seen by management as inflating production schedules. In the face of relentless pressure to get things done faster, this book facilitates rapid forecasting of capacity requirements, based on opportunistic use of available performance data and tools so that management insight is expanded but production schedules are not. The book introduces such concepts as an iterative cycle of improvement called "The Wheel of Capacity Planning," and Virtual Load Testing, which provides a highly cost-effective method for assessing application scalability.

What Is Guerrilla Capacity Planning?.- ITIL for Guerrillas.- Damaging Digits in Capacity Calculations.- Scalability—A Quantitative Approach.- Evaluating Scalability Parameters.- Software Scalability.- Fundamentals of Virtualization.- Web Site Planning.- Gargantuan Computing—GRIDs and P2P.- Internet Planning.- Going Guerrilla—A Case Study.

Neil J. Gunther, M.Sc., Ph.D., SMIEEE, is an internationally recognized IT researcher and computer performance analyst who founded Performance Dynamics Company ( in 1994. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he has resided near Silicon Valley in California since 1980. In that time Dr. Gunther has held teaching positions at California State University-Hayward and San Jose University, as well as research and management positions at Xerox PARC, Pyramid/Siemens Technology, and JPL/NASA where he worked on the Voyager and Galileo missions. His "Guerrilla Capacity Planning" classes have been presented at such organizations as America Online (AOL), Boeing, FedEx, Motorola, Nokia, Stanford University, Sun Microsystems and UCLA. In 1996, Dr.

Gunther was awarded Best Technical Paper at the Computer Measurement Group international conference (CMG'96) and at CMG'08 he received the prestigious A.A. Michelson Award---the industry's highest honor for computer performance analysis and capacity planning. Dr. Gunther is also a member of AMS, APS, ACM and SPIE. More details can be found on his Wiki page.

Guerrilla Capacity Planning techniques are the only way to address the so-called 3-month planning horizon

This book contains the first and only complete presentation of the "Universal Law of Computational Scaling"

Learn how to apply the 3 themes: Guerrilla tactics, Guerrilla scalability, and Guerrilla victories

Benefit from the detailed case studies showing how to do Guerrilla website and Internet planning

Use the Guerrilla Manual fold-out as an authoritative source to convince your colleagues about capacity planning

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