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Grid computing: infrastructure, service & applications Infrastructure, Service, and Applications

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Grid computing: infrastructure, service & applications
The research of Grid computing has made rapid progress in the last few years, developing and evolving in almost all key areas. A comprehensive discussion of recent advances in Grid computing, this book summarizes the concepts, methods, technologies, and applications. Unlike other recent books on the subject that deal only with parts of Grid computing, this one covers the entire field. With chapters based on recent research of Grid experts, it covers important topics such as philosophy, middleware, architecture, services, and applications. It also includes technical details to demonstrate how Grid computing works in the real world and a large number of references and technical reports.

GRID INFRASTRUCTURE AND MIDDLEWARE. CROWN: A Service Grid Middleware for e-Science. Cyberinfrastructure in New York State. Enabling Grids for e-Science: The EGEE Project. ChinaGrid and Related Dependability Research. Gridbus Workflow Enactment Engine. GRID SERVICES. UK National Grid Service. Grid Resource Allocation. Grid Services Orchestration with OMII-BPEL. A Data Stream View of Scientific Workflow.Design of a Model-Based SLA Management Service and Its Applications Over Distributed SOA Environments. Portal and Workflow in Grid Computing: From Application Integration to Service Integration. Modeling P2P Grid Information Services with Colored Petri Nets. GRID APPLICATIONS. WISDOM: A Grid-Enabled Drug Discovery Initiative against Malaria. Flow Networking in Grid Simulations. Virtual Machines in Grid Environments: Dynamic Virtual Machines. High-Energy Physics Applications on the Grid. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Service-Oriented HLA RTI on the Grid. Index.

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