Great power diplomacy volume 2: 1914-present

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Written by a pre-eminent scholar in the field, Great Power Diplomacy, Volume II is a straightforward narrative of diplomatic history from World War I to the end of the Cold War, the dissolution of the Soviet Empire, and the breakup of Yugoslavia. The fundamental purpose throughout is to provide critical background information about the origin and development of past and current crises. This volume, along with the already-published Volume I, constitutes the first survey of diplomatic history to be published in many years.
Preface The Usage and Spelling of Names and Dates Introduction Chapter 1: World War I, Part 1:Chapter 2: The Russian Revolutions and the Treaties of Brest-Litovsk Chapter 3: World War I, Part 2 Chapter 4: Peacemaking, 1919 Chapter 5: The Peace Treaties Chapter 6: The Aftermath of Empire: Russia and Eastern Europe Chapter 7: The Aftermath of Empire: The Middle East Chapter 8: East Asia: Japan and China to the Washington Conference Chapter 9: East Asia: From the Washington Conference to the Manchurian Crisis Chapter 10: The Manchurian Crisis Chapter 11: East Asia: From the Manchurian Crisis to the Sino-Japanese War Chapter 12: Western Europe: From Versailles to Hitler Chapter 13: Western Europe: Mussolini and Hitler to the Spanish Civil War Chapter 14: The Spanish Civil War Chapter 15: From the Spanish Civil War to the Eve of World War II in Europe Chapter 16: World War II in Europe: From the German Attack on Poland to the Russian Campaign Chapter 17: World War II in Asia: From the China Quagmire to Pearl Harbor Chapter 18: Hitler's Declaration of War on the United States, The War in the Pacific, and the Turn of the Tide Chapter 19: The Grand Alliance: To the Fall of Mussolini Chapter 20: Laying the Foundations of the Postwar World Chapter 21: Victory in Europe and Asia Chapter 22: The Breakdown of the Grand Alliance Chapter 23: The Formation of Rival Alignments Chapter 24: Japan: From Surrender to Final Peace Agreements Chapter 25: The Powers and China: From World War II to the Korean War Chapter 26: Containment in Asia: The Korean War Chapter 27: The End of Empire: India and Pakistan Chapter 28: North Africa and the Middle East: From World War II to the Suez Crisis Chapter 29: Waging the Cold War: From the Korean War to the Cuban Missile Crisis Chapter 30: The Cuban Missile Crisis Chapter 31: Waging the Cold War: From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Helsinki Accords Chapter 32: East Asia: From the Korean War to the Sino- American Diplomatic Revolution Chapter 33: Containment in Asia: Vietnam, Part 1:Chapter 34: Containment in Asia: Vietnam, Part 2:Chapter 35: Waging the Cold War: From the Helsinki Accords to the Downfall of Gorbachev Chapter 36: The Middle East: From the Suez Crisis to the Camp David Accords Chapter 37: The Middle East: From the Islamic Revolution in Iran to the 1991 Gulf War Chapter 38: The Disintegration of the Soviet Empire Chapter 39: The Disintegration of Yugoslavia Conclusion Bibliography Index