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Gilbert's living with art, 6/e

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Gilbert's living with art, 6/e
In its fourth edition Gilbert's Living with Art won a first-place award for outstanding design and production at the 1995 New York Book Show. The new sixth edition is even more luxurious and beautiful. Not only a book about art, but also an artfully made book, Gilbert's Living with Art has earned a reputation for elegance and the highest standards of quality.

Living with Art supports student efforts to develop an appreciation of art by clearly communicating the ways one can approach various forms of expression - offering a comprehensive introduction to the visual arts from several perspectives: themes and purposes of art, the vocabulary of art, individual art media (painting, drawing, camera arts, sculpture, architecture, etc.), and the chronological history of art. The book is rich with illustrations drawn from a wide range of artistic cultures and time periods.

Part ONE: INTRODUCTION 1. Living with Art 2. What Is Art? 3. Themes and Purposes of Art
Part TWO: THE VOCABULARY OF ART 4. The Visual Elements 5. Principles of Design
Part THREE: TWO-DIMENSIONAL MEDIA 6. Drawing 7. Painting 8. Prints 9. The Camera Arts: Photography, Film, and Video 10. Graphic Design and Illustration
Part FOUR: THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEDIA 11. Sculpture 12. Crafts 13. Architecture
Part FIVE: ARTS IN TIME 14. Ancient Mediterranean Worlds 15. Christianity and the Formation of Europe 16. The Renaissance 17. The 17th and 18th Centuries 18. Arts of Islam and of Africa 19. Arts of East Asia: India, China, and Japan 20. Arts of the Pacific and of the Americas 21. The Modern World: 1800-1945 22. Art Since 1945

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