Genesis enterprise : creating peak-topeak business performance

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Introduction: The Need for a Shift in Relationships.
Part 1: Leaders Must Lead: Leaders Define Culture. Leaders Define Direction. Leaders Define Motivation. Shifting From Management to Leadership.
Part 2: The Evolution to Team-Based Continous Improvement. Understanding Teams. Understanding Empowerment. Shifting From Program to Process.
Part 3: There is More to a Partnership Than Working Together. Understanding Customer Service. Understanding Partnerships. Shifting From Customer Service to Partnerships. What's In It for Me. You Get What You Pay For. Paying for the Results You Desire. Shifting From Individual-Based Compensation to Goalsharing. Making It Happen. Expectations. Shifting Relationships. Appendices: A: Developing a Model of Success. B: Requirements of Success. C: Assessing Team Progress. D: Examples of Team Charters. E: The Legal Aspects of Teams. F: Partnership Agreements.