Garden cities 21

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Provides a workable conceptual model for a future city. Simonds views the city as an organic whole, analyzes its components and shows how cities can be made functional and beautiful, with protected areas of field and forest.
The Urban Dwelling: Living Space, Space Expansion, Outdoors-In, Attached Dwellings, Clustering, Stacking. The Neighborhood: Togetherness, Conformation, Places, Ways, Character, Neighborhood Ties, Planned Economics. Communities: Revitalization, Renewal, Redevelopment, Grid Street Syndrome, The Planned Community, Fundamentals, The New Town Movement. The City: The City Perceived, Dilemma, The Intruder, Center City, Inner City, Outer City, The Total City. The Urban Metropolis: Land Use Planning, Transportation, Transit, Transmission, Parks/Recreation and Open Spaces. Garden City. The Expressive City, The Functional City, The Convenient City, The Rational City, The Complete City, Prospectus, Garden City.