Fundamentals of oceanography with olc password card (5th ed )

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Fundamentals of Oceanography is intended for less intensive college oceanography courses, courses for non-science majors. To meet the needs of these groups, this text has numerous student aids including chapter learning objectives, section review questions, summary charts, units in metric and English units, chapter summaries, chapter word lists, bold face for technical terms in the text, and reduced use of technical terms. No prerequisites in math, chemistry, physics, or biology are required
1 History of Oceanography 2 Introduction to Earth 3 Plate Tectonics 4 The Sea Floor 5 Water 6 The Atmosphere and the Oceans 7 Circulation Patterns and Ocean Currents 8 Waves and Tides 9 Coasts, Estuaries, and Environmental Issues 10 Oceanic Environment and Production 11 Life in the Water 12 Life on the Sea Floor Appendix A Latitude and Longitude Appendix B Classification Summaries Appendix C Units and Notation