Fundamentals of international management

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Fundamentals of International Management:offers a modern perspective of international management rooted in a recognized framework. The framework follows the generally accepted course structure beginning with the macro-environment, then moves to the firm level, and concludes with the individual manager in the international setting. This traditional framework is embellished with modern chapters on collaborative strategies, managing technology and knowledge, and ethics and corporate social responsibilty. Each chapter has several mini-case examples and full-length, comprehensive cases conclude each part.
Section I: The International Environment Chapter 1: An Introduction to International Management Chapter 2: The Global Macro-Economic Environment Chapter 3: The Political Environment and Political Risk Chapter 4: The International Legal Environment of Business Chapter 5: The Cultural Environment Case I:Euro Disneyland Section II: Managing International Strategic Planning and Implementation Chapter 6: Strategies for International Competition Chapter 7: Modes of Entry into Foreign Markets Chapter 8: Managing International Collaborative Initiatives Chapter 9: Organizing International Operations Chapter 10: Controlling International Strategies and Operations Chapter 11: Managing Technology and Knowledge Case II:The Global Branding of Stella Artois Section III: Managing People and Processes across Borders and Cultures Chapter 12: Communication across Borders and Cultures Chapter 13: Negotiation and Decision-Making across Borders and Cultures Chapter 14: Work Motivation across Borders and Cultures Chapter 15: Leadership across Borders and Cultures Chapter 16: International Human Resources Management Case III: Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea Section IV: Ethical Dilemmas in International Management Chapter 17: Ethics and Social Responsibility for International Firms Case IV: Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices