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Frontiers in mathematical biology (LN in biomathematics 100), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994 Coll. Lecture Notes in Biomathematics, Vol. 100

Langue : Français

Coordonnateur : Levin Simon A.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Frontiers in mathematical biology (LN in biomathematics 100)
Commemorating achievements in the field of mathematical biology over the past two decades, this volume addresses fundamental issues in cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, evolutionary biology, population ecology, ecosystem ecology and applied biology.
I. Frontiers in Cell and Molecular Biology.- Reflections on Mathematical Contributions to Understanding the Molecular Basis of Life From 1970 to the 21 st Century.- Genomes, Maps and Sequences.- Cell Protrusions.- Cell Motion and Orientation: Theories of Elementary Behavior Between Environmental Stimulation and Autopoietic Regulation.- II. Frontiers in Organismal Biology.- Pattern Formation in Tissue Interaction Models.- Toward Artificial Competence.- Norbert Wiener’s Brain Waves.- Puzzles About Excitable Media and Sudden Death.- Immune Networks and Immune Responses.- III. Frontiers in Evolutionary Biology.- Evolution of Gene Families: A Clue to Some Problems of Neo-Darwinism.- The Changing Role of Population Genetics Theory.- Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Recombination.- The Morphometric Synthesis: A Brief Intellectual History.- Behavioral Ecology, Epidemiology and Population Genetics: The Undiscovered Country.- IV. Frontiers in Population Ecology.- Stochastic Demography and Life Histories.- On the Reciprocal Relationship Between Life Histories and Population Dynamics.- Structured Population Dynamics.- Modelling Social Animal Aggregations.- Spatial Chaos and its Role in Ecology and Evolution.- V Frontiers in Community and Ecosystem Ecology.- Speculations on the Future of Food Webs.- Lorenzo Camerano’s Contribution to Early Food Web Theory.- On the Equilibrium of Living Beings by Means of Reciprocal Destruction.- Frontiers in Ecosystem Science.- Individual-Oriented Approaches to Modeling Ecological Populations and Communities.- A Metaphysiological Approach to Modeling Ecological Populations and Communities.- The Trophodynamics of Whole Ecological Communities.- Modeling Contact Structures in Biology.- VI. Frontiers in Applied Biology.- Conservation and Spatial Structure: Theoretical Approaches.- A Thousand and One Epidemic Models.- Uncertainty and Fisheries Management.- Ecological Risk Assessment in Aquatic Populations and Communities: The Next Generation.- VII. Mathematical Challenges.- Health Information in Developing Countries.- What Everyone Should Know About the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction.- Avoiding Chaos.- Model Building as an Inverse Problem in Biomathematics.- Some Remarks on Estimation Techniques for Size-Structured Population Models.

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Ouvrage de 633 p.

17x24.4 cm

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