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Foundations of materials science and engineering (4th ed )

Langue : Anglais

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Smith/Hashemi's Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering, 4/e provides an eminently readable and understandable overview of engineering materials for undergraduate students. Chapters have been updated to reflect new topics such as nanotechnology and biotechnology and materials types being used in industry. Through concise explanations, numerous worked-out examples, a wealth of illustrations & photos, and a brand new set of online resources, the new edition of Smith provides the most student-friendly introduction to the science & engineering of materials. The fourth edition features expanded chapter problem sets with even more Design-Oriented Problems involving materials selection factors. Chapter Openers immediately engage students in each chapter's content through a highlighted, real-world application. Corresponding ancillary supplements are listed at the end of each chapter to allow for easy integration of online and CD-ROM resources into text material.
1 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 2 Atomic Structure and Bonding 3 Crystal Structures and Crystal Geometry 4 Solidification, Crystalline Imperfections, and Diffusion in Solids 5 Mechanical Properties of Metals I 6 Mechanical Properties of Metals II 7 Polymeric Materials 8 Phase Diagrams 9 Engineering Alloys 10 Ceramics 11 Composite Materials 12 Corrosion 13 Electrical Properties of Materials 14 Optical Properties and Superconductive Materials 15 Magnetic Materials Appendix A Some Properties of Selected Elements Appendix B Ionic Radii of the Elements Appendix C Selected Physical Quantities and Their Units Appendix D Answers to Selected Problems Appendix E References for Further Study

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Ouvrage de 928 p.

19.3x23.6 cm

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