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Focus on Personal Finance is a brief, 14-chapter book, covering the critical topics in Personal Finance courses. This 4-color, paperback text is designed and written to appeal to a range of ages, life situations, and levels of financial literacy. A unique aspect of this text is its active approach. This text will not only get your students thinking about their current situation and financial goals, but also to put these in writing to use as a guide and revise over the course of their lives. The more a student involves themselves in the assessments, exercises and worksheets provided, the more they will discover about their current habits and how to improve them for greater financial freedom. Students have many different financial goals, but none are more important than having a basic understanding of financial issues and peace of mind with regard to their decisions. The ultimate goal of Focus on Personal Finance is to get students to this point as a first step to achieving the many financial goals they have set for themselves.

1 Personal Financial Planning in Action

2 Money Management Skills

3 Taxes in Your Financial Plan

4 Savings and Payment Services

5 Consumer Credit: Advantages, Disadvantages, Sources, and Costs

6 Wise Buying of Motor Vehicles and Other Purchases

7 Selecting and Financing Housing

8 Home and Automobile Insurance

9 Purchasing Health and Disability Insurance

10 Financial Planning With Life Insurance

11 Investing Basics and Evaluating Bonds

12 Investing in Stocks

13 Investing in Mutual Funds

14 Retirement and Estate Planning