First aid for the pediatric boards (Paper)

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For more than 15 years, students have relied on First Aid to pass the USMLE, now, for the first time, they can get this trusted name for Pediatric specialty board certification. Market includes the 3,000 pediatric residents taking the exam each year and the 74,000+ licensed pediatricians who are required to take the re-certifying exam. Includes clinical images, x-rays, CT, and MRI scans. Can also be used to prep for the in-service training exam residents are required to take every year.
Section I: Introduction to the Pediatric Boards. Section II: High-Yield Facts. Adolescent/Gynecology/Genital. Allergy/Immunology/Rheumatology. Cardiology. Dermatology. Emergency/Critical Care. Endocrinology. GI/Nutrition. Growth, Development, and Behavior. Hematology/Oncology. Human Genetics and Development. Infectious Diseases. Muskuloskeletal. Neonatology. Neurology. Preventive Pediatrics and Ethics. Pulmonology. Renal/Urinary Tract.