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Film art with film viewer's guide and tutorial cd (7th ed )

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Film is an art form with a language and an aesthetic all its own. Since 1979, David Bordwell's and Kristin Thompson's Film Art has been the most respected introduction to the analysis of cinema. While continuing to provide the best introduction to the fundamentals of serious film study, the seventh edition has been extensively re-designed in full color greatly enhancing the text's visual appeal and overall accessibility to today's students. Throughout the text, all images presented are frame enlargements as opposed to production stills or advertising photos. Supported by a text-specific CD-ROM with video clips, an Instructor's Manual, and text-specific website, Film Art can also be packaged with the award-winning Film, Form, and Culture CD-ROM.

Part One: Film Production, Distribution, and Exhibition

Chapter One ¿ Film Production, Distribution, and Exhibition

Mechanics of the Movies

Bringing the Film to the Spectator

Independent Production and Mainstream Hollywood: The Case of Good Machine

Making the Movie: Film Production

Modes of Production

Notes and Queries

Part Two: Film Form

Chapter Two ¿ The Significance of Film Form

The Concept of Form in Film

Principles of Film Form


Notes and Queries

Chapter Three ¿ Narrative as a Formal System

Principles of Narrative Construction

Playing Games with Story Time

Narration: The Flow of Story Information

The Classical Hollywood Cinema

Narrative Form in Citizen Kane


Notes and Queries

Part Three: Types of Films

Chapter Four ¿ Film Genres

Understanding Genre

Three Genres

A Contemporary Genre: The Crime Thriller


Notes and Queries

Chapter Five ¿ Documentary, Experimental, and Animated Films


Experimental Film

The Animated Film


Notes and Queries

Part Four: Film Style

Chapter Six ¿ The Shot: Mise-en-Scene

What is Mise-en-Scene


The Film Actor¿s Tool Kit

The Power of Mise-en-Scene

Aspects of Mise-en-Scene

Putting It All Together: Mise-en-Scene in Space and Time

Narrative Function of Mise-en-Scene: Our Hospitality


Notes and Queries

Chapter Seven ¿ The Shot: Cinematography

The Photographic Image

From Monsters to the Mundane: Computer-generated Imagery in The Lord of the Rings


Duration of the Image: The Long Take


Notes and Queries

Chapter Eight ¿ The Relation of Shot to Shot: Editing

What Editing Is

Dimensions of Film Editing

Continuity Editing

Intensified Continuity: L.A. Confidential and Contemporary Editing

Alternatives to Continuity Editing

Notes and Queries

Chapter Nine ¿ Sound in the Cinema

The Powers of Sound

Rhythm on Two Tracks: A Dance of Death in The Last of the Mohicans

Fundamentals of Film Sound

Dimensions of Film Sound

Functions of Film Sound: A Man Escaped


Notes and Queries

Chapter Ten ¿ Style as a Formal System

The Concept of Style

Analyzing Film Style

Style in Citizen Kane

Style in Gap-Toothed Women

Style in The River

Style in Ballet Mecanique

Style in A Movie

Notes and Queries

Part Five: Critical Analysis of Films

Chapter Eleven ¿ Film Criticism: Sample Analyses

The Classical Narrative Cinema

Narrative Alternatives to Classical Filmaking

Documentary Form and Style

Form, Style, and Ideology

Notes and Queries

Part Six: Film History

Chapter Twelve - Film Form and Film History

Early Cinema (1893-1903)

The Development of the Classical Hollywood Cinema (1908-1927)

German Expressionism (1919-1926)

French Impressionism and Surrealism (1918-1930)

Soviet Montage (1924-1930)

The Classical Hollywood Cinema after the Coming of Sound

Italian Neorealism (1942-1951)

The French New Wave (1959-1964)

The New Hollywood and Independent Filmmaking

Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema

Bibliography for Chapter Twelve


Internet Resources: Selected Reference Sites in Film from the World Wide Web



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