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Fennema's food chemistry (4th Ed.paperback) (Food science and technology series, vol.169)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Fennema's food chemistry (4th Ed.paperback) (Food science and technology series, vol.169)
Honoring food chemistry pioneer and original editor, Owen Fennema, by including his name in the fourth edition title, Fennema's Food Chemistry once again meets and surpasses the standards of quality, comprehensive information set by its predecessors. This edition introduces new contributors, recognized experts in their fields, for several chapter updates. All chapters reflect recent scientific advances and, where appropriate, have expanded and evolved their focus to provide readers with the current state-of-the-science of chemistry for the food industry. á
The fourth edition presents an entirely new chapter, Impact of Biotechnology on Food Supply and Quality, which examines the latest research in biotechnology and molecular interactions. Two former chapters receive extensive attention in the new edition including Physical and Chemical Interactions of Components in Food Systems (formerly "Summary: Integrative Concepts" ) and Bioactive Substances: Nutraceuticals and Toxicants (formerly "Toxic Substances" ), which highlights bioactive agents and their role in human health and represents the feverish study of the connection between food and health undertaken over the last decade. It discusses bioactive substances from both a regulatory and health standpoint.
Retaining the straightforward organization and detailed, accessible style of the original, this edition begins with an examination of major food components such as water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and enzymes. The second section looks at minor food components including vitamins and minerals, colorants, flavor, and additives. The final section considers food systems by reviewing basic considerations as well as specific information on the characteristics of milk and the postmortem physiology of edible muscle and post-harvest physiology of plant tissues. Useful appendices provide keys to the international system of units, conversion factors, log P values calculation, and the Greek alphabet.
Introduction to Food Chemistry. Major Food Components. Water and Ice. Carbohydrates. Lipids. Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins. Enzymes. Minor Food Components. Vitamins. Minerals. Colorants. Flavors. Bioactive Substances: Nutraceuticals and Toxicants. Food Systems. Dispersed Systems: Basic Considerations. Physical and Chemical Interactions of Components in Food Systems. Characteristics of Milk. Postmortem Physiology of Edible Muscle Tissues. Postharvest Physiology of Edible Plant Tissues. Impact of Biotechnology on Food Supply and Quality. Appendices. Appendix A: International System of Units (SI), The Modernized Metric System. Appendix B: Conversion Factors (Non-SI Units to SI Units). á Appendix C: Greek Alphabet. Appendix D: Calculating Relative Polarities of Compounds Using Fragmental Constant Approach to Predict Log P Values.Index

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