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Feminist philosophies (2° ed )

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Feminist philosophies (2° ed )
This anthology of 40 readings combines an extensive discussion of the major problems confronting women today, with an in-depth analysis of the alternative theoretical and practical means for resolving these problems.
  2. Sex-Role Socialization
  3. Gender Socialization
  4. A Fabulous Child's Story
  5. Sexuality and Violence
  6. 'Pricks' and 'Chicks'
  7. A Plea for 'Persons'
  8. Sexual Terrorism
  9. Date Rape: A Feminist Analysis
  10. Lesbian 'Sex'
  11. Reproduction
  12. Racism, Birth Control and Reproductive Rights
  13. Pro-Life Feminism
  14. Mother/Foetus/State Conflicts
  15. Claiming all of Our Bodies
  16. Reproductive Rights and Disability
  17. The New Procreative Technologies
  18. Self-Images
  19. Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power
  20. The Lesbian Perspective
  21. Mammies, Matriarchs, and Other Controlling Images
  22. The Women in the Tower
  23. The World of Work
  24. Women Wage Earners
  25. Inside the Work Worlds of Chicana and Mexican Immigrant Women
  26. Professional Women: How Real Are the Recent Gains?
  27. The Job of Housewife
  28. The Domestic Scene
  29. Anger and Tenderness
  30. The Divorce Law Revolution and the Transformation of Legal Marriage
  31. Something Old, Something New: Women's Poverty in the 1990s
  32. Cultural Invisibility
  33. Patriarchy, Scientists, and Nuclear Warriors
  34. The MoMA's Hot Mamas
  35. Women and Religion
  36. Re-visioning Clinical Research: Gender and the Ethics of Experimental Design
  38. Liberal Feminism
  39. Justice, Gender, and the Family
  40. Feminist Justice and Sexual Harassment
  41. Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions
  42. Radical Feminism
  43. The Dialectic of Sex
  44. Some Reflections on Separatism and Power
  45. Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech
  46. Cultural Feminism
  47. Visions of Maturity
  48. Women and Caring
  49. Maternal Thinking as a Feminist Standpoint
  50. Marxist/Socialist Feminism
  51. Women: Caste, Class, or Oppressed Sex
  52. The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism: Towards a More Progressive Union
  53. Postmodern Feminism
  54. Woman's Word
  55. Sorties
  56. Questions
  57. Ecological Feminism
  58. The Power and the Promise of Ecological Feminism
  59. From Heroic to Holistic Ethics: The Ecofeminist Challenge
  60. Toward Multicultural Feminism
  61. Have We Got a Theory for You!
  62. Feminist Theory, Cultural Imperialism, and the Demand for 'The Woman's Voice.'
  63. Sisterhood: Political Solidarity between Women
  64. Toward Gender-Inclusive Feminism: Men's Responses to Feminism
  65. Dividing Lines: Men's Response to Women's Demands for Equality and Power
  66. The Profeminist Men's Movement: Fraternity, Equality, Liberty
  67. The Men's Rights Movement: 'Male' Is Not a Four-Letter Word
  68. The Mythopoetic Men's Movement: The Pillow and the Key
  • Includes updated readings covering new issues such as date rape, sexual harassment, and the new reproductive technologies relevant to today's students
  • Incorporates a Cultural Invisibility section that critiques central aspects of contemporary culture
  • Includes a section that addresses men's responses to feminism and related men's movements as a means of promoting gender-inclusive feminism

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