Exploring electronics: techniques and troubleshooting

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The second text in the Prentice Hall Exploring Series, this book builds upon the principles covered in its predecessor, Exploring Electricity. KEY TOPICS: It provides strong, technician-level coverage of semiconductor devices and circuits, guiding students from semiconductor theory and circuits to a thorough understanding of a complete electronic system.
1. Semiconductor Principles. 2. Diodes and Power Supplies. 3. Special Diodes. 4. Bipolar Junction Transistors. 5. Field Effect Transistors. 6. Introduction to Amplifiers. 7. Small-Signal Amplifiers. 8. Power Amplifiers. 9. Operational Amplifiers. 10. Op-Amp Applications. 11. Oscillators. 12. Solid-State Controls. 13. Regulated Power Supplies. 14. Radio Communications. Answers to Chapter Review Questions. Index.