Essentials of radiologic science (ise)

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A basic textbook for radiography students, examining the fundamentals of radiologic technology programs. The book covers three of the five categories tested on the radiography Registry exam (radiologic physics, radiologic protection & biology, and image production).

Unit I:Basic Physics 1. Atoms and Atomic Structure 2. Electricity and Magnetism 3. Electric Currents 4. Electromagnetic Radiation
Unit II: Circuits and X-Ray Production 5. X-ray Circuits 6. X-ray Tubes 7. X-ray Production 8.X-Ray Interactions
Unit III: Image Formation 9. Density and Contrast 10. Image Formation 11. Radiographic Film 12. Film Processors 13. Intensifying Screens 14. Grids and Scatter Reduction
Unit IV:Special Imaging Techniques 15. Fluoroscopy 16. Mammography 17. Digital Imaging 18. Computed Tomography 19. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 20. Quality Control
Unit V.: Radiation Protection 21. Biological Effects of Radiation 22. Radiation Protection Glossary Index