Essentials of psychological testing, 5th ed 90, bound

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The fifth edition of this text instructs students on how to evaluate tests and testing practices and encourages them to try and develop new and better testing instruments to predict the controversies of the future.
Part I: Basic Concepts.
1. Who uses tests? And for what purposes?
2. Varieties of Tests and Test Interpretations.
3. Administering Tests.
4. Scores and Score Conversions.
5. How to Judge Tests and Validation.
6. How to Judge Tests: Reliability and Other Qualities.

Part II: Tests of Abilities.
7. General Ability: Appraisal Methods.
8. The Meanings of General Ability.
9. Influences on Intellectual Development.
10. Multiple Abilities and Their Role in Conselling.
11. Personal Selection.

Part III: Measures of Typical Responses.
12. Interest Inventories.
13. General Problems in Studying Personality.
14. Personality Measurement through Self-Report.
15. Judgements and Systematic Observations.
16. Inferences from Performance.