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Equadiff 6: proceedings of the international conference on differential equations and their applications, held in brno,, 1986 Proceedings of the International Conference on Differential Equations and their Applications, Held in Brno, Czechoslovakia, Aug. 26-30, 1985 Lecture Notes in Mathematics Series, Vol. 1192

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Vosmansky Jaromir, Zlamal Milos

Couverture de l’ouvrage Equadiff 6: proceedings of the international conference on differential equations and their applications, held in brno,
Mathematical and numerical study of nonlinear problems in fluid mechanics.- Free boundary problems in fluid dynamics.- Method of rothe in evolution equations.- Boundary value problems in weighted spaces.- Critical point theory and nonlinear differential equations.- Ordinary linear differential equations — A survey of the global theory.- Numerical and theoretical treating of evolution problems by the method of discretization in time.- Algorithms for the inclusion of solutions of ordinary initial value problems.- Recent developments in the theory of function spaces.- On properties of oscillatory solutions of non-linear differential equations of the n-th order.- Uniqueness without continuous dependence.- Connections in scalar reaction diffusion equations with neumann boundary conditions.- On a certain boundary value problem of the third order.- On nonparasite solutions.- Uniform zeros for beaded strings.- Perron intergaral, perron product integral and ordinary linear differential equations.- On the zeros of some special functions: Differential equations and nicholson-type formulas.- Surjectivity and boundary value problems.- Some problems concerning the equivalences of two systems of differential equations.- Linear perturbations of general disconjugate equations.- On optimal control of systems with interface side conditions.- A description of blow-up for the solid fuel ignition model.- Spectral analysis of non-self-adjoint elliptic operators.- On the Mountain Pass Lemma.- On uniqueness and stability of steady-state carrier distributions in semiconductors.- Partial regularity of minimizers.- Periodic solutions of partial differential equations with hysteresis.- Stability and bifurcation problems for reaction-diffusion systems with unilateral conditions.- Boundary integral equations of elasticity in domains with piecewise smooth boundaries.- Higher regularity of weak solutions of strongly nonlinear elliptic equations.- Some regularity results for quasilinear parabolic systems.- Classical boundary value problems for Monge-Ampère type equations.- Qualitative properties of the solutions to the navier-stokes equations for compressible fluids.- On Gel'fand's method of chasing for silving multipoint boundary value problems.- Stability and error estimates valid for infinite time, for strongly monotone and infinitely stiff evolution equations.- Recent results in the approximation of free boundaries.- Finite element solution of a nonlinear diffusion problem with a moving boundary.- Analysis of thacker's method for solving the linearized shallow water equations.- The convergence of a new method for calculating lower bounds to eigenvalues.- Bifurcation analysis of stimulated brillouin scattering.- Superconvergence results for linear triangular elements.- Mixed finite element in 3D in H(div) and H(curl).- Free boundary problems for stokes' flows and finite element methods.- Enclosing methods for perturbed boundary value problems in nonlinear difference equations.- Error estimates for finite element methods for semilinear parabolic problems with nonsmooth data.- Singularities in two- and three-dimensional elliptic problems and finite element methods for their treatment.- Some new convergence results in finite element theories for elliptic problems.- Mathematical solution of direct and inverse problem for transonic cascade flows.- Einige Anwendungen der Mehrdimensionalen Approximationstheorie zur Lösungseinschließung bei Randwertaufgaben.- A posteriori estimations of approximate solutions for some types of boundary value problems.- Nonlinear dynamics systems - bifurcations, continuation methods, periodic solutions.- The rothe method for nonlinear hyperbolic problems.- Some solved and unsolved canonical problems of diffraction theory.- Entropy compactification of the transonic flow.- The global existence of weak solutions of the mollified system of equations of motion of viscous compressible fluid.- Bifurcations near a double eigenvalue of the rectangular plate problem with a domain parameter.- Delay makes problems in population modelling.

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