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Environmental technologies & trends : international & policy perspectives, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1997 International and Policy Perspectives Coll. Environmental Engineering

Langue : Français

Coordonnateurs : Jain Ravi K., Aurelle Yves, Cabassud Corinne, Roustan Michel, Shelton Stephen P.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Environmental technologies & trends : international & policy perspectives
Introduction. Drinking water. Air pollution. Wastewater treatment. Hazardous waste management. Soil and groundwater contamination. Environmental trends and policy perspectives.
1 Introduction.- 2 Drinking Water.- 2.1 Drinking Water Production: Processes and Emerging Technologies.- 2.2 Adsorption of Organic Micropollutants onto Activated Carbon Fibers: Cloth and Felt.- 2.3 Removal of Micropollutants in Some Ozone Contactors: Efficiency and Simulation.- 2.4 Pervaporation and Membrane Stripping: Potentialities on Micropollutants Removal from Water.- 3 Air Pollution.- 3.1 Industrial Air Pollution: Removal of Dilute Gaseous Vapors.- 3.2 Development of Trickle-Bed Air Biofilter.- 3.3 Deodorization in Wastewater Treatment Plants by Wet-Scrubbing on Packed Column and Chlorine Oxidation.- 3.4 Regeneration by Induction Heating of Granular Activated Carbon Loaded with Volatile Organic Compounds.- 4 Wastewater Treatment.- A Biological Treatment.- 4.1 Effect of the Grease Solubilization and the Optimal Process Monitoring on the Grease Aerobic Digestion.- 4.2 Membrane Gas Liquid Contactors in Water and Wastewater Treatment.- 4.3 The Biological Treatment of High Effluent Flowrates: A Review of the Hydrodynamic Conditions and Possibilities.- 4.4 Multiphase Reactors for Biological Treatment of Urban Wastewaters.- B Physical-Chemical Treatment.- 4.5 Physical Chemical Treatments for Wastewater.- 4.6 Hydrocyclone Based Treatment Methods for Oily Wastewaters.- 4.7 Application of Membrane Separation Processes to Oily Wastewater Treatment: Cutting Oil Emulsions.- 4.8 Electrochemical Degradation of Organic Pollutants for Wastewater Treatment: Oxidation of Phenol on PbO2 Anodes.- 4.9 Treatment of Aqueous Organic Wastes by Molecular Oxygen at High Temperature and Pressure: Wet Air Oxidation Process.- 5 Hazardous Waste Management.- 5.1 Hazardous Wastes Treatments.- 5.2 Advanced Method for the Treatment of Organic Aqueous Wastes: Wet Peroxide Oxidation — WPO®, Laboratory Studies and Industrial Development.- 5.3 Heavy Metals Recovery by Electrolyzing Technique: The 3.P.E. Technology.- 5.4 An Overview of Plasma Arc Technology Applied Research Projects for the Vitrification of Hazardous Wastes.- 5.5 Permeable Barriers to Remove Cd and Cr from Groundwater.- 6 Soil and Groundwater Contamination.- 6.1 How Technology is Improving Decision Marking for Environmental Restoration.- 6.2 Soil Decontamination Using Electrokinetics, with Application to Urban Residual Sludges.- 6.3 A Systematic Approach to Groundwater Management.- 7 Environmental Trends and Policy Perspectives.- 7.1 Technology Transfer and Utilization.- 7.2 Environmental Technologies and Regulations.- 7.3 Holistic Approach to Environmental Problems.- 7.4 Environmental Forecasting and Technology Trends.- 7.5 Privatization of the Environmental Infrastructure.- 7.6 Increased Use of Economic Instruments in Environmental Policy.- 7.7 Industry Trends.- 7.8 Industrial Ecology — Going Beyond Pollution Prevention.- 7.9 Summary.
The book covers contemporary environmental issues related to such subjects as : drinking water, air pollution, wastewater, hazardous waste and groundwater, and it focusses on current research activities, emerging technologies and future trends. For each major topic area, an overview paper covers the current state of the technology. An introductory chapter in English and French provides an overview of all the papers and summarizes crucial issues presented in the papers and their interrelationship.

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