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Environmental science with olc password card (10th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Environmental science with olc password card (10th ed )
This full-color, introductory environmental science text is known for being concise, conceptual and value-priced. The approach and reading level cover the basic concepts without overloading students with too much detail. The central theme throughout the text is interrelatedness. The authors identify major issues and give appropriate examples that illustrate the complex interactions that are characteristic of all environmental issues.
1 Interrelatedness1 Environmental Interrelationships2 Environmental Ethics3 Risk and Cost: Elements of Decision Making2 Ecological Principles and Their Application4 Interrelated Scientific Principles: Matter, Energy, and Environment5 Interactions: Environments and Organisms6 Kinds of Ecosystems and Communities7 Population Principles8 Human Population Issues3 Energy9 Energy and Civilization: Patterns of Consumption10 Energy Sources11 Nuclear Energy: Benefits and Risks4 Human Influences on Ecosystems12 Human Impact on Resources and Ecosystems13 Land-Use Planning14 Soil and Its Uses15 Agricultural Methods and Pest Management16 Water Management5 Pollution and Policy17 Air Quality Issues18 Solid Waste Management and Disposal19 Regulating Hazardous Materials20 Environmental Policy and Decision MakingAppendix 1 Critical ThinkingAppendix 2 Metric Unit Conversion TablesAppendix 3 The Periodic Table of the ElementsAppendix 4 What You Can Do to Make the World a Better Place in Which to LiveAppendix 5 How to Write Your Elected Officials

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