Entrepreneurship with olc and powerweb (6th ed )

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Entrepreneurship, by Hisrich, Peters and Shepherd is intended for the undergraduate and graduate courses in entrepreneurship and has been designed to instruct students on how to formulate, plan, and implement a new venture. Students are exposed to detailed descriptions of `how to' embark on a new venture in a logical manner. Actual case studies and entrepreneur profiles help illustrate successful and not-so-successful ventures.
Part 1: The Entrepreneurial Perspective 1. The Nature and Importance of Entrepreneurs 2. The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mind 3. The Individual Entrepreneur 4. International Entrepreneurship Opportunities Part 2: Creating and Starting the Venture 5. Creativity and the Business Idea 6. Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur 7. The Business Plan: Creating and Starting the Venture 8. The Marketing Plan 9. The Organizational Plan 10. The Financial Plan Part 3: Financing the New Venture 11. Sources of Capital 12. Informal Risk Capital and Venture Capital Part 4: Managing, Growing, and Ending the New Venture 13. Entrepreneurial Strategy: Generating and Exploiting New Entries 14. Strategies for Growth and Managing its Implications 15. Accessing Resources for Growth from External Sources 16. Going Public 17. Ending the Venture Cases:
Turner Test Prep Co. (New) Monroe Lock and Security Systems Beijing Sammies Restaurant (New) Mamma Mia! (New) BizLand, Inc. (New) Beach Carrier Gourmet to Go Intervela D.O.O. Koper (New) Winslow Clock Co. NeoMed Technology Corp. (New) Rug Bug Corporation Nature Brothers Ltd. Oklahoma National Bank (New) Datavantage Corp. (New) Dual Pane Corp.