Endocrine physiology

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This text provides a thorough review of endocrine and metabolic physiology, and introduces basic science principles and their relevance in the clinical expression of disease. Each chapter includes study questions, learning objectives and clinical examples.
Part 1. General Principles of Endocrinology. Homeostatis: Steady-State and Adaptive Reponses. Principles of Signaling. The Chemical Nature and Production of Hormones. Tranport of Hormones to the Site of Action. Mechnisms of Hormone Action. Elimination of the Signal. Laboratory Evaluation of the Endocrine System. Part 2. System-Based Endocrinology. The Physiology of Bone and the Homeostasis of Calcium and Phosphate. The Endocrine Pancreas. The Hypothalamohypophyseal System. The Thyroid Gland. The Adrenal Gland. Reproductive Endocinology. The Pineal Gland and Biologic Rhythms. The Adipose Organ: Appetite, Leptin, and Obesity. Recommended Literature. Index.