Electronics technology handbook

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Cutting edge electronics technology demystified Anyone with a basic technical background can gain a fast understanding of electronics technology with the easy-to-read Electronics Technology Handbook. Electronic engineering newcomers will find this a one-step, non-mathematical resource for clear explanations of electronics technology essentials from AC theory and generation to wireless communications and microprocessors. Encyclopedic coverage supported with hundreds of concept-clarifying illustrations shows you exactly how contemporary electronic devices and systems work and interact. You'll quickly discover the principles at the heart of such widely used technologies as transistors, integrated circuits, television, ATM machines, cell phones, bar-code readers, sensors, robotics, satellites, electron microscopes, process control, radar, global positioning system, night vision systems, and much more.

Preface. Section 1: Passive Electronic Components. Section 2: Active Discrete Components. Section 3: Electromechanical Components. Section 4: Basic Amplifier and Oscillator Circuits. Section 5: Fundamental Electronic Circuits. Section 6: Antennas and Feed Horns. Section 7: Microwave and UHF Technology. Section 8: Analog and Linear Integrated Circuits. Section 9: Digital Logic and Integrated Circuits. Section 10: Batteries and Power Supplies. Section 11: Electronic Test Instruments. Section 12: Optoelectronic Components and Communication. Section 13: Optoelectronic Display Technology. Section 14: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. Section 15: Computer Technology. Section 16: Computer Peripheral Devices and Equipment. Section 17: Electronic Sensors and Transducers. Section 18: Radio Transmitters and Receivers. Section 19: Television Broadcasting and Receiving Technology. Section 20: Telecommunications Technology. Section 21: Consumer Electronics Products. Section 22: Industrial Electronics Technology. Section 23: Military and Aerospace Electronic Systems. Section 24: Marine Electronics Technology. Section 25: Scientific and Medical Instrumentation. Section 26: Semiconductor Device Manufacturing. Section 27: Semiconductor Device Packaging. Section 28: Electronic Circuit Packaging and Assembly. Section 29: Electronic Hardware: Wire, Cable, and Connectors. Section 30: Component and Circuit Protection. Bibliography. Index.