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Economics with discoverecon online and solman video dvd (16th ed )

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McConnell-Brue's Principles of Economics, 16e is the best-selling Principles of Economics textbook and has been teaching students in a clear, unbiased way for 40 years. The 15th edition grew market share because of its clear and careful treatment of principles of economics concepts, its balanced coverage, and its patient explanations. More students have learned their principles of Economics from McConnell-Brue than any other text, 12 million of them. The 16th edition is a revision that delivers a tight and modern book. We are also pleased to introduce an exciting fully-integrated software system called DiscoverEcon featuring Paul Solman: DiscoverEcon software, brand-new videos that teach economic concepts in a fun and engaging way, and more, all in one convenient software package.

PART ONE: An Introduction to Economics and the Economy

1 The Nature and Method of Economics

2 The Economizing Problem

3 Individual Markets: Demand and Supply

4 The Market System

5 The U.S. Economy: Private and Public Sectors

6 The United States in the Global Economy

PART TWO: Macroeconomic Measurement and Basic Concepts

7 Measuring Domestic Output and National Income

8 Introduction to Economic Growth and Instability

9 Basic Macroeconomic Relationships

PART THREE: Macroeconomic Models and Fiscal Policy

10 The Aggregate Expenditures Model

11 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

12 Fiscal Policy

PART FOUR: Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy

13 Money and Banking

14 How Banks and Thrifts Create Money

15 Monetary Policy

PART FIVE: Long-Run Perspectives and Macroeconomic Debates

16 Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply

17 Economic Growth

18 Deficits, Surpluses, and the Public Debt

19 Disputes over Macro Theory and Policy

PART SIX: Microeconomics of Product Markets

20 Elasticity of Demand and Supply

21 Consumer Behavior and Utility Maximization

22 The Costs of Production

23 Pure Competition

24 Pure Monopoly

25 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

26 Technology, R&D, and Efficiency

PART SEVEN: Microeconomics of Resource Markets

27 The Demand for Resources

28 Wage Determination

29 Rent, Interest, and Profit

PART EIGHT: Microeconomics of Government

30 Government and Market Failure

31 Public Choice Theory and the Economics of Taxation

PART NINE: Microeconomic Issues and Policies

32 Antitrust Policy and Regulation

33 Agriculture: Economics and Policy

34 Income Inequality and Poverty

35 Labor Market Institutions and Issues: Unionism, Discrimination, Immigration

36 The Economics of Health Care

PART TEN: International Economics and the World Economy

37 International Trade

38 Exchange Rates, the Balance of Payments, and Trade Deficits

39W The Economics of Developing Countries

40W Transition Economies: Russia and China

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