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Earth Rotation and Coordinate Reference Frames, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1990 Edinburgh, Scotland, August 10-11, 1989 International Association of Geodesy Symposia Series, Vol. 105

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Boucher Claude, Wilkins George A.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Earth Rotation and Coordinate Reference Frames
Over the past ten years, since the MERIT project began in 1980, great changes have taken place and significant advances made in the area of Earth Rotation and Coordinate Reference Frames. Symposium 105, held at the 125th Anniversary Meeting of the International Association of Geodesy, August 1989, was devoted to this subject. Major improvements in techniques, such as VLBI and laser ranging, have been accompanied by corresponding improvements in data-processing procedures and theories of relevant phenomena. The papers included in this volume provide both a comprehensive record of past discoveries and a sound basis for further advances. Section headings are as follows: - Earth Rotation: Determination and Prediction - Earth Rotation: Interpretation - Reference Frames
and Program.- Earth Rotation: Determination and Prediction.- Accuracy of the Determination or Prediction of Earth Orientation Parameters.- Earth Orientation Determinations: Some Tests of Consistency.- The ZIPE Solution for the Earth’s Rotation Parameters and Some Accuracy Estimations.- Satellite Laser Ranging and Orbit Determination at Nottingham University.- Universal Time Prediction Using Both Geodetic and Atmospheric Angular Momentum Data.- Prediction of Polar Motion by Least-Squares Collocation.- Polar Motion Prediction by the Least-Squares Collocation Method.- Earth Rotation Parameters from Optical Astrometry in 1988 not included.- Astrometric Observations of Variations of the Vertical in Japan and the Eastern Part of China not included.- Earth Rotation: Interpretation.- Atmospheric Excitation of the Earth’s Rotation.- The Earth-Atmosphere Momentum Budget: Remaining Discrepancies at High and Low Frequencies.- Air and Water Contributions to Polar Motion Excitation.- On Polar Motion Equations Applied for Analysis of the Short Term Atmospheric Excitation.- A 30–60 Day Oscillation in Length-of-Day and Atmospheric Angular Momentum: Extratropical Origin?.- Origin of the 30–60 Day Oscillation in the LOD and Atmospheric Angular Momentum: New Findings from the UCLA General Circulation Model.- A 120-Day Oscillation in Solar Activity and Geophysical Phenomena abstract only.- Numerical Analysis of Earth Rotation and Atmospheric Angular Momentum Parameters.- What Can Nutation Observations Tell Us About the Earth? not included.- Oceanic Tides and Earth Rotation not included.- Study of the High Frequency Structure of Polar Motion Derived from LAGEOS Ranging Data not included.- Reference Frames.- Definition of a Terrestrial Reference Frame Using IRIS VLBI Observations: Approaching Millimeter Accuracy.- Contribution of SLR to Earth Rotation and Terrestrial Reference Frames.- Global Station Coordinates and Earth Rotation Parameters from LAGEOS Laser Ranging.- The IERS Terrestrial Reference Frame abstract only.- The Optimum Conventional Terrestrial System Determined by VLBI and SLR Stations.- The Secular Drift of the Rotation Pole.- The Use of the Celestial Pole Coordinates in the Transformation Between the Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames.- Space VLBI: A New Technique for Unification of Reference Frames.- A Terrestrial Reference Frame for Long-Term Monitoring of Crustal Deformation with GPS not included.- Earth-Orientation Parameters and the Terrestrial Reference Frame of the VLBI IRIS-P Network not included.- GINFEST: A Continental Test Network for Evaluation Space Techniques not included.- Comparison of the Accuracy for the Positions of Radio Sources not included.- A Comparison of SLR and VLBI Reference Frames not included.- Author Index.

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Ouvrage de 166 p.

21x27.9 cm

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