E-business and e-commerce infrastructure: technologies supporting the e-business initiative - ise

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Chaudhury's E-Business and E-Commerce Infrastructure: Technologies Supporting the E-Business Initiative serves as a comprehensive primer to both traditional and emerging E-Commerce technologies. Using the Chaudhury text, students with no prior technical knowledge will be able to grasp complex topics such as networking, Internet security, Web languages, and other important subjects in a way that illustrates their use through case studies and practice through completing Web projects.
Chapter 1E-Commerce and E-Business ·A Business Vignette ·What is E-Commerce? ·Types of E-Commerce ·Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce ·Business-to-Business E-Commerce ·E-Business Chapter 2Networking Fundamentals ·A Technical Vignette ·Digital and Analog ·Conversion of Analog to Digital ·Modulation ·Multiplexing ·Data Compression Chapter 3Communication Protocols for E-Business ·A Technical Vignette ·What is a Protocol? ·The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model ·The Internet ·The Internet Protocol Suite Chapter 4Network Security and E-Commerce ·A Technical Vignette ·Business Impact of Faulty Security ·Security Threats ·Internet Security Requirements (Secrecy, Integrity, Availibility) ·Security Policy Development ·Security Measures Chapter 5Authentication, Encryption, Digital Payments, and Digital Money ·A Technical Vignette ·Encryption ·Methods of Encrypting Data ·Confidentiality ·Authentication ·Integrity ·Auditing ·Non Repudiation ·Digital certificates- Key Management Alternative ·E-mail Security Chapter 6Server Platforms in E-Commerce ·Business Transformation ·Overview of Computing Platforms ·E-Commerce Components Chapter 7Language for the Web: HTML, XML, and Beyond ·A Technical Vignette ·The Origins of Web Languages: SGML ·HTML ·Advanced HTML and DHTML ·CSS ·PDF Chapter 8Searching Mechanisms ·A Technical Vignette ·Need for Search Engines ·History of Search Mechanisms ·How Do Search Engines Work? ·Common Search Features ·Common Display Features Chapter 9Software Agents for E-Commerce ·A Technical Vignette ·What Are Software Agents? ·Logic of Agent Behavior ·Types of Agents ·Information Agents ·E-commerce Agents Chapter 10Multimedia and Web-casting on the Web ·A Technical Vignette ·Multimedia ·Multimedia Standards and Protocol Chapter 11Packaged Solutions for E-Business ·A Technical Vignette ·A Coordination Theory Framework ·Evolution of ERP Systems ·Why ERP Systems? ·Logic of ERP Systems ·Supply Chain Management ·IT Aspects of Supply Chain Management ·Customer Relationship Management