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Diffusion Tensor Imaging, 1st ed. 2016 A Practical Handbook

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Van Hecke Wim, Emsell Louise, Sunaert Stefan

Couverture de l’ouvrage Diffusion Tensor Imaging
This book provides an overview of the practical aspects of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), from understanding the basis of the technique through selection of the right protocols, trouble-shooting data quality, and analyzing DTI data optimally. DTI is a non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique for visualizing and quantifying tissue microstructure based on diffusion. The book discusses the theoretical background underlying DTI and advanced techniques based on higher-order models and multi-shell diffusion imaging. It covers the practical implementation of DTI; derivation of information from DTI data; and a range of clinical applications, including neurosurgical planning and the assessment of brain tumors. Its practical utility is enhanced by decision schemes and a fully annotated DTI brain atlas, including color fractional anisotropy maps and 3D tractography reconstructions of major white matter fiber bundles. Featuring contributions from leading specialists in the field of DTI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging: A Practical Handbook is a valuable resource for radiologists, neuroradiologists, MRI technicians and clinicians.

Part I  Introduction


Ch. 1: How to Use This Book

            Louise Emsell


Ch. 2: Introduction to Diffusion Tensor Imaging

            Louise Emsell

Wim Van Hecke

Jacques-Donald Tournier



Part II Diffusion Tensor Imaging: From Theory to Practice


Ch. 3: Concepts of Diffusion in MRI

            Matthew Rowe

Bernard Siow

Daniel C. Alexander

Uran Ferizi

Simon Richardson


Ch. 4: From Diffusion to the Diffusion Tensor

Thijs Dhollander


Ch. 5: Quantitative DTI Measures

Kathleen M. Curran

Louise Emsell

Alexander Leemans


Ch. 6: Survivor’s Guide to DTI Acquisition

Eric Peterson

Roland Bammer


Ch. 7: Checking and Correcting DTI Data

Chantal M.W. Tax

Sjoerd B. Vos

Alexander Leemans






Part III Diffusion Tensor Imaging Analysis     


Ch. 8: Strategies and Challenges in DTI Analysis

Wim Van Hecke

Louise Emsell


Ch. 9: DTI Analysis Methods: Region of Interest Analysis

Martijn Froeling

Pim Pullens

Alexander Leemans


Ch. 10: DTI Analysis Methods: Voxel-based Analysis

            Wim Van Hecke

Alexander Leemans

Louise Emsell


Ch. 11: DTI Analysis Methods: Fibre Tracking and Connectivity

            Matthan W.A. Caan



Part IV Normal Diffusion Tensor Imaging Anatomy 


Ch. 12: Normal Diffusion Tensor Imaging-based White Matter Anatomy

            Bram Stieltjes



Part V Clinical Applications of Diffusion Tensor Imaging 


Ch. 13: DTI in Clinical Practice: Opportunities and Considerations

            Louise Emsell

Stefan Sunaert


Ch. 14: DTI in Neurosurgical Planning

            Ronald L. Wolf

Paolo G. Nucifora

Elias R. Melhem


Ch. 15: DTI in Diagnosis and Follow-up of Brain Tumors

            Frank De Belder

Sophie Van Cauter

Luc van den Hauwe

Wim Van Hecke

Louise Emsell

Maya De Belder

Matthias Spaepen

Stefan Sunaert

Paul M. Parizel


Ch. 16: The Role of DTI in Multiple Sclerosis and Other Demyelinating Conditions

            Massimo Filippi

Elisabetta Pagani

Paolo Preziosa

Maria Assunta Rocca


Ch. 17: DTI in Dementing Conditions

            Massimo Filippi

Federica Agosta

Edoardo Gioele Spinelli


Ch. 18: DTI in Psychiatry

            Josselin Houenou

Louise Emsell


Ch. 19: Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Traumatic Brain Injury

            Sener Süleyman

Paul M. Parizel

Andrew I.R. Maas



Part VI  Beyond Diffusion Tensor Imaging    


Ch. 20: High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging

            Shawna Farquharson

Jacques-Donald Tournier



Ch. 21: Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging

            Jelle Veraart

Jan Sijbers



Wim Van Hecke, PhD, is an international expert in MRI analysis and advanced neuroimaging techniques and applications. An academic engineer by training with two Masters degrees in applied biomedical engineering and neuroimaging, and a PhD in diffusion MRI analysis, Dr. Van Hecke presently divides his time between pursuing research in advanced DTI analysis at Antwerp University Hospital and managing the business operations of icoMetrix, a rapidly expanding medical image analysis service that he co-founded to make state-of-the-art image analysis accessible to all.

Louise Emsell, PhD, is a translational neuroimaging expert and educator. Presently based at the University Psychiatry Centre (UPC) and Translational MRI departments at the KU Leuven University Hospital in Belgium, Dr. Emsell has two Masters degrees in Science (Medical Physics/Medicinal Chemistry) and Education, and a PhD in Psychiatry. Her award-winning postdoctoral research combines many advanced neuroimaging techniques, including state-of-the-art diffusion MRI, to study the development and evolution of psychopathology.

Stefan Sunaert, MD, PhD, is a Consultant Neuroradiologist, Professor of Neuroradiology and internationally-renowned expert in all aspects of clinical and academic MR neuroimaging. Presently head of the Translational MRI Department at KU Leuven, and based in the Radiology Department of the KU Leuven University Hospital in Belgium, Professor Sunaert has published widely in the field of Neuroradiology and has received numerous awards for his academic research. Additionally, he is a highly-respected clinician and educator who has organised numerous advanced neuroimaging courses and workshops at conferences across the world.

Provides an overview of the practical aspects of diffusion tensor imaging

Covers the practical implementation of DTI, derivation of information from DTI data and clinical applications

Includes decision schemes and a fully annotated DTI brain atlas

Date de parution :

Ouvrage de 440 p.

17.8x25.4 cm

Disponible chez l'éditeur (délai d'approvisionnement : 15 jours).

Prix indicatif 126,59 €

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