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Diffusion in solids: Fundamentals, methods, materials, diffusion-controlled processes (Series in solid-state sciences, Vol. 155) POD, Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2007 Fundamentals, Methods, Materials, Diffusion-Controlled Processes Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences Series, Vol. 155

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Diffusion in solids: Fundamentals, methods, materials, diffusion-controlled processes (Series in solid-state sciences, Vol. 155) POD
Diffusion is a vital topic in solid-state physics and chemistry, physical metallurgy and materials science. Diffusion processes are ubiquitous in solids at elevated temperatures. A thorough understanding of diffusion in materials is crucial for materials development and engineering. This book first gives an account of the central aspects of diffusion in solids, for which the necessary background is a course in solid state physics. It then provides easy access to important information about diffusion in metals, alloys, semiconductors, ion-conducting materials, glasses and nanomaterials. Several diffusion-controlled phenomena, including ionic conduction, grain-boundary and dislocation pipe diffusion, are considered as well. Graduate students in solid-state physics, physical metallurgy, materials science, physical and inorganic chemistry or geophysics will benefit from this book as will physicists, chemists, metallurgists, materials engineers in academic and industrial research laboratories.
History and Bibliography of Diffusion.- History and Bibliography of Diffusion.- Fundamentals of Diffusion.- Continuum Theory of Diffusion.- Solutions of the Diffusion Equation.- Random Walk Theory and Atomic Jump Process.- Point Defects in Crystals.- Diffusion Mechanisms.- Correlation in Solid-State Diffusion.- Dependence of Diffusion on Temperature and Pressure.- Isotope Effect of Diffusion.- Interdiffusion and Kirkendall Effect.- Diffusion and External Driving Forces.- Irreversible Thermodynamics and Diffusion.- Experimental Methods.- Direct Diffusion Studies.- Mechanical Spectroscopy.- Nuclear Methods.- Electrical Methods.- Diffusion in Metallic Materials.- Self-diffusion in Metals.- Diffusion of Interstitial Solutes in Metals.- Diffusion in Dilute Substitutional Alloys.- Diffusion in Binary Intermetallics.- Diffusion in Quasicrystalline Alloys.- Diffusion in Semiconductors.- General Remarks on Semiconductors.- Self-diffusion in Elemental Semiconductors.- Foreign-Atom Diffusion in Silicon and Germanium.- Interstitial-Substitutional Diffusion.- Diffusion and Conduction in Ionic Materials.- Ionic Crystals.- Fast Ion Conductors.- Diffusion in Glasses.- The Glassy State.- Diffusion in Metallic Glasses.- Diffusion and Ionic Conduction in Oxide Glasses.- Diffusion along High-Diffusivity Paths and in Nanomaterials.- High-diffusivity Paths in Metals.- Grain-Boundary Diffusion.- Dislocation Pipe Diffusion.- Diffusion in Nanocrystalline Materials.
From the reviews:"Diffusion in solids is a mature discipline that is still an active field of research. ... The book would be a useful addition for students and researchers in solid-state diffusion, materials science and engineering. It would be especially useful for those who wish to broaden their knowledge of diffusion into unfamiliar territory." (Colin Sholl, Australian Physics, Vol. 45 (1), 2008)"A beautifully produced book with a nice clear print, clear black and white figures, a nice binding, a 12 page index, an extended bibliography ... and many references at the end of each chapter. ... this book will be of interest to materials research scientists and engineers. ... In conclusion, this book is a great reference book in which a materials scientist or engineer will find both extensive basic information on diffusion in many types of materials and extensive references to the primary literature." (Fernande Grandjean and Gary J. Long, Physicalia, Vol. 30 (2), 2008)

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