Differential diagnosis of acute pain by body region

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Pain is the most common cause of visits to emergency rooms, physicians' offices and clinics. This text is designed to aid the physician by providing lists and rapidly readable descriptions of common causes of pain in various body sites, covering pain quality, severity, relief, and more.
Organization and Use. Head. Eyes. Ears. Nose. Lower and Midface. Mouth, Tongue and Lips. Throat. Anterior Neck. Lateral Neck. Posterior Neck. Central Chest. Anterior and Anterolateral Chest on One Side. Bilateral Anterior Chest. Breast. Right Hypochondriac. Epigastrium. Left Hypochondriac. Lumbar Area on One Side. Umbilical Area. Right Iliac Area. Hypogastric Area. Left Iliac Area. Generalized Upper Abdominal. Generalized Lower Abdominal. Lumbar Area on Both Sides. Generalized Constant. Generalized Crampy. Interscapular and Scapular Area. Thoracolumbar Midline. Lumbosacral Area. Buttock on One Side. Buttock on Both Sides. Penis. Testicle. Anal Area, Perineum and Rectum. Vulva and Vagina. Upper and Lower Arm. Shoulder, Axilla and Upper Arm. Elbow and Forearm. Wrist and Hand. Upper and Lower Leg on One Side. Upper and Lower Leg on Both Sides. Inguinal Region, Hip and Thigh. Knee and Popliteal Fossae. Calf and Ankle. Foot. Generalized Pain.