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Deviant behavior

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Deviant behavior

This best-selling text offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of deviance and is noted for its blend of style and substance.

Deviant Behavior covers a wide spectrum of theories of deviance, and analyzes numerous specific deviant behaviors. The author uses an abundance of research data, including many that debunk our common assumptions about deviant behavior. Students are exposed to the full range of theories and data about deviance, and are challenged to think about and evaluate their own biases and preconceptions.

Each chapter includes 'Summary,' 'Further Reading,' and 'Critical Thinking Questions.'


1. What Is Deviant Behavior?

Conflicting Definitions.

The Positivist Perspective.

The Constructionist Perspective.

2. Positivist Theories.

Anomie-Strain Theory.

Social Learning Theory.

Control Theory.

3. Constructionist Theories.

Labeling Theory.

Phenomenological Theory.

Conflict Theory.


4. Physical Violence.

Assault and Aggravated Assault.

Who Is More Likely to Kill?

Patterns of Killing.

Characteristics of Homicide.

Mass and Serial Murder.

A Social Profile ofSerial Killers.

A Global Perspective on Homicide.

School Violence.




Why Do People Kill?

5. Rape and Child Molestation.

Patterns of Rape.

Consequences of Rape.

The Culture of Rape.

A Global Perspective on Wartime Rape

Why Men Rape Women.

Males as Victims.

Child Molestation.

6. Family Violence.

Myths about Family Violence.

The Extent of Family Violence.

Marital Rape.

Wife Beating.

Child Abuse.

Female Genital Mutilation.

Elder Abuse.

Female Genital Mutilation.

A Social Profile ofFamily Abusers.

Theories of Family Violence.

Social Responses to Family Violence.


7. Suicide.

Varieties of Suicidal Experience.

Groups with Higher Suicide Rates.

A Social Profile ofSuicide Bombers.

Situational Factors in Suicide.

A Global Perspective on Suicide.

Social Responses to Suicide.

Sociological Theories of Suicide.

8. Mental Disorder.

Popular Beliefs.

Types of Mental Disorder.

Social Factors in Mental Disorder.

A Social Profile of Depressed Teens.

A Global Perspective on Mental Disorder

Societal Responses to Mental Disorder.

Perspectives on Mental Disorder.


9. Heterosexual Deviance.

Teen Sex.

Extramarital Sex.


Phone Sex.

Nude Dancing.

Sexual Harassment.

The World of Prostitution.

A Global Perspective on Prostitution.

Theories of Prostitution.

10. Gays and Other Victims of Stigma.

Myths About Homosexuality.

Gays and Lesbians.

Same-Sex Practices Among Nonhomosexuals.


Social Profile of Homophobes.

A Global Perspective on Homophobia.

Other Victims of Social Stigma.


11. Drug Use.

Drug Use in Perspective.

Illegal Drugs: Their Effects and Users.

Social Dimensions of Drug Use.

Becoming a Drug User.

A Social Profile of Illegal Drug Users.

What Causes Illegal Drug Use?

The War on Drugs.

Abusing Prescription Drugs, Particularly OxyContin.

Smoking Cigarettes.

A Global Perspective on Smoking

12. Drinking and Alcoholism.

The Extent of Drinking and Alcoholism.

Myths About Alcohol Use.

What Alcohol D

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