Design of thermal systems (3rd ed '89)

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This text has been very successful in previous editions due to its clear explanations of both process-oriented topics of thermal energy engineering and system-oriented practices. The Third Edition is thoroughly updated, reflecting the impact of micro-computers on engineering, and including a greater emphasis on linear programming.
1 Engineering Design 2 Designing a Workable System 3 Economics 4 Equation Fitting 5 Modeling Thermal Equipment 6 System Simulation 7 Optimization 8 Lagrange Multipliers 9 Search Methods 10 Dynamic Programming 11 Geometric Programming 12 Linear Programming 13 Mathematical Modeling-Thermodynamic Properties 14 Steady-State Simulation of Large Systems 15 Dynamic Behavior of Thermal Systems 16 Calculus: Methods of Optimization 17 Vector and Reduced Gradient Searches 18 Calculus of Variations and Dynamic Programming Appendix Probabilistic Approaches to Design