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Design and analysis of analog filters, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003 A Signal Processing Perspective The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science Series, Vol. 617

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Design and analysis of analog filters
Design and Analysis of Analog Filters: A Signal Processing Perspective includes signal processing/systems concepts as well as implementation. While most books on analog filter design briefly present the signal processing/systems concepts, and then concentrate on a variety of filter implementation methods, the present book reverses the emphasis, stressing signal processing concepts. Filter implementation topics are presented in Part II: passive filters, and operational amplifier active filters. However, greater emphasis on signal processing/systems concepts is included in Part I of the book than is typical. This emphasis makes the book very appropriate as part of a signal processing curriculum. Useful Aspects of Design and Analysis of Analog Filters: A Signal Processing Perspective extensive use of MATLAB TM throughout, with many homework problems involving the use of MATLAB. + over 200 figures, + over 100 examples, + a total of 345 homework problems, appearing at the ends of the chapters, + complete and thorough presentation of design characteristics, + complete catalog of design approaches. Audience: Design and Analysis of Analog Filters: A Signal Processing Perspective will interest anyone with a standard electrical engineering background, with a B.S. degree or beyond, or at the senior level. While designed as a textbook, its numerous practical examples make it useful as a reference for practicing engineers and scientists, particularly those working in systems design or communications. MATLAB TM Examples: A valuable relationship between analog filter theory and analysis and modern digital signal processing is made by the application of MATLAB to both the design and analysis of analog filters. Throughout the book, computer-oriented problems are assigned. The disk that accompanies this book contains MATLAB functions and m-files written specifically for this book. The MATLAB functions on the disk extend basic MATLAB capabilities in terms of the design and analysis of analog filters. The m-files are used in a number of examples in the book. They are included on the disk as an instructional aid.
Preface. 1. Introduction. Part I: Approximation Design and Analysis. 2. Analog Filter Design and Analysis Concepts. 3. Butterworth Filters. 4. Chebyshev Type I Filters. 5. Chebyshev Type II Filters. 6. Elliptic Filters. 7. Bessel Filters. 8. Other Filters. 9. Frequency Transformations. Part II: Implementation and Analysis. 10. Passive Filters. 11. Active Filters. Appendices. References. Index.

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