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Demography (4th Ed) The Study of Human Population

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Demography (4th Ed)
The population processes in which we all participate are compared, contrasted, and synthesized into understandable trends in the latest edition of this widely acclaimed text. The authors’ cogent analysis encompasses demographic milestones like surpassing the seven billion population mark and becoming a majority urban population for the first time in human history, as well as the repercussions of a global financial crisis and the implications of two important ongoing trends: aging and fertility decline.

New data, examples, and discussions of emerging demographic issues are incorporated throughout the value-priced Fourth Edition, along with graphics that highlight trends and facilitate comparisons among world regions. This pedagogically rich volume also includes propositions for debate and end-of-chapter exercises that allow readers to become comfortable with the quantitative tools that demographers use to measure and describe populations. Moreover, users will learn about some of the people behind the research that informs this text in a new feature called Careers in Demography.

Demography: The Study of Human Population, 4/E, has a companion website developed by the authors. Readers can access the text’s data tables, exercises, and figures at "". They also will find links to many of the reports, articles, and data files referenced in the text.
1. Introduction
. Demography Defined
. Current Population Size and Composition
. Population Change
. Population Problems

2. Demographic Data
. Population Censuses
. Evolution of the U.S. Census
. Registration and Vital Statistics
. Sample Surveys
. Demographic Estimation

3. Population Growth
. A History of Global Population Growth
. Classifying Countries
. The Prototypical Historical Demographic Transition
. Differential Growth, 1950-2100
. Problems of a Changing World Distribution
. Problems of Population Size
. Problems of Growth Rates

4. Age and Sex Structure
. Describing Age-Sex Structure
. Contrasts Between More-Developed and Less-Developed Countries
. How Structure Affects the Population Processes
. Problems of Young Populations
. Problems of Old Populations
. Problems of Fluctuations in Cohort Size in the MDRs

5. Mortality
. Measuring Mortality Via Life Expectancy
. Historical Mortality Transitions
. Mortality Declines in the Less-Developed Regions
. Sex Differences in Mortality in the More-Developed Regions
. Problems of Mortality

6. Morbidity and Health
. Why Demographers Study Morbidity
. Morbidity and Mortality in the Epidemiological Transition
. Modern Morbidity Data
. Measuring Morbidity
. Morbidity Problems: Costs of Lost Life and Health
. Morbidity Problems: Risk Factors

7. Fertility
. European Fertility Transitions
. Measuring Period Fertility
. Recent Fertility Declines
. Explaining Period Fertility Changes: The U.S. Case
. Explaining Cohort Fertility
. Intercourse Variables
. Conception Variables
. Gestation Variables
. Fertility “Problems”
. Family-Planning Programs in the Less-Developed Regions

8. Unions and Householding
Definition and Measurement
. World Variations in First Marriage
. Marital Dissolution Trends in the United States
. Family Life Course Trends in the United States
. Which Household Union Trends Are Problems?

9. Migration
. What Is Migration?
. Data Sources
. International Migration
. Internal Migration: The U.S. Case
. Determinants of Migration
. Migration Problems and Policies
. Immigration Policy: The U.S. Case

10. Urbanization
. World Urbanization: Past, Present, and Future
. Urbanization “Problems” and Policies in the Less-Developed Regions
. Urbanization “Problems” in the More-Developed Regions

11. Population Diversity
. Demographic Terminology
. The Demography of U.S. Ethnic Groups
. Problems and Policies


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