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Democracy in Dialogue, Dialogue in Democracy The Politics of Dialogue in Theory and Practice

Langue : Anglais

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It is widely accepted that the machinery of multicultural societies and liberal democratic systems is dependent upon various forms of dialogue - dialogue between political parties, between different social groups, between the ruling and the ruled. But what are the conditions of a democratic dialogue and how does the philosophical dialogic approach apply to practice? Recently, facing challenges from mass protest movements across the globe, liberal democracy has found itself in urgent need of a solution to the problem of translating mass activity into dialogue, as well as that of designing borders of dialogue. Exploring the multifaceted nature of the concepts of dialogue and democracy, and critically examining materializations of dialogue in social life, this book offers a variety of perspectives on the theoretical and empirical interface between democracy and dialogue. Bringing together the latest work from scholars across Europe, Democracy in Dialogue, Dialogue in Democracy offers fresh theorizations of the role of dialogue in democratic thought and practice and will appeal to scholars of sociology, political science and social and political theory.

Introduction, Katarzyna Jezierska and Leszek Koczanowicz. Part I Modes of Dialogue: Between understanding and consensus: engaging Mikhail Bakhtin in political thinking, Leszek Koczanowicz; Dialogue and critique: on the theoretical conditions of a critique of society, Mikael Carleheden; Repressed democracy: legitimacy problems in world society, Regina Kreide; Rational dialogue or emotional agon? Habermas’s concept of the public sphere and Mouffe’s project of radical democracy, Pawel Dybel. Part II The Challenge of the Other: ‘I’ meets the ‘other’: agonistic and deliberative versions of subjectivity and otherness, Katarzyna Jezierska; Bad patriots: universality, aesthetics, and the historicity of democracy, Stefan Jonsson; Attitudes, behaviour, democracy, and dialogue, Katarzyna Byrka, Tomasz Grzyb and Dariusz Dolinski; Antagonism, agonism, and dialogue in civil society: Wrocław’s Romanian Roma, Ewa Jupowiecka. Part III Dialogical Spaces: Thinking democracy and education for the present: the case of Norway after July 22, 2011, Torill Strand; Rehabilitation of power in democratic dialogic education, Eugene Matusov and Ana Marjanovic-Shane; Typology of critical dialogue and power relations in democratic dialogic education, Eugene Matusov and Ana Marjanovic-Shane; Dialogue - ideal and practiced: how philosophy is transformed into governance, Boel Englund and Birgitta Sandström; Interactive, qualitative, and inclusive? Assessing the deliberative capacity of the political blogosphere, Martin Karlsson

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