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Deciphering dressage

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Deciphering dressage
A guide to understanding the world of dressage for the novice competitor or spectator Dressage is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports in America, appealing to riders who aim for high-level competition, as well as to those who simply want to improve their mounts and their overall riding skills. Deciphering Dressage explains the fundamentals and provides practical information on dressage tests, selecting a horse, finding a qualified instructor, buying tack and apparel, preparing for competition, and more. It also examines dressage as an art form, highlighting the mental and physical challenges and rewards that riders encounter in pursuit of true harmony with their horses. Karen Leigh Davis (Roanoke, VA), rode competitively in saddleseat and hunt seat equitation before switching to classical dressage. Her demonstrated versatility as a rider has more than equipped her to introduce newcomers to the demanding sport of dressage.
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. 1. What Is Dressage? Dressage Defined. A Brief History of Dressage. How Dressage Competitions Are Governed. 2. The Discipline of Dressage. An Overview of the Riders Aids. Dressage Training Principles. Overview of the Gaits. Overview of the Levels. Additional Movements and Figures. 3. Your Dressage Education. The Importance of Dressage Instruction. Arranging Dressage Lessons. Finding a Dressage Instructor. Preparing for Your Lessons. 4. Becoming a Thinking Rider. The Mind Game. Dispelling Some Riding Myths. The Thinking Rider versus a Joy Rider. The Thinking Rider Understands the Horses Senses. The Thinking Rider Is a Safer Rider. The Thinking Rider As Trainer. The Thinking Rider as Communicator. 5. Choosing a Suitable Dressage Horse. What about Breed? Why Its Best to Learn from a Schoolmaster. Searching for a Horse. Knowing What to Look for in a Dressage Horse. 6. Caring for Your Dressage Horse. What You Need to Know. Boarding Your Dressage Horse. Secure and Safe Containment. Manure Management. Protecting You and Your Horse with Equine Insurance. Keeping Your Horse Healthy. Feeding Your Dressage Horse. 7. Buying Tack and Riding Apparel. Dressing for Dressage. Saddles. Bridles and Bits. Riding Apparel. Caring for Your Tack and Riding Apparel. 8. Preparing for Your First Competition. To Show or Not to Show. Choosing a Show. Selecting Your Tests. Participation Requirements. Entering a Show. Who Does What at a Show. Grooming Your Horse for a Show. Cleaning Tack. Packing for a Show. The Night Before. 9. Riding a Dressage Test. Preparing for the Test at Home. Riding the Halt. The Salute. Understanding a Dressage Test. Warming Up at a Show. When Its Time to Ride Your Test. 10. Moving Up and Learning More. Moving up the Levels. Riding to Music. The Quadrille. The Learner-Judge Program. When Sport Becomes Art. GLOSSARY OF COMMON HORSE TERMS. REFERENCES. Books. Horse Magazines. National Dressage Organizations. Other Equine Organizations. Breed Associations and Registries. Horse Equipment Catalogs. INDEX.

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