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Culture, Health and Sexuality An Introduction Sexuality, Culture and Health Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Aggleton Peter, Parker Richard, Thomas Felicity

Couverture de l’ouvrage Culture, Health and Sexuality

The last twenty years have seen a growth in multi-disciplinary work in the area of sexuality, culture and health. What was once a set of specialist concerns has been steadily mainstreamed. Alongside this, a broader interest has developed in ?social? and 'cultural? factors relating to sexuality and sexual health, from family planning and STI management to gender and intimate partner violence and the technologisation of sex.

This book offers a research-based overview of key topics relevant to social and cultural perspectives on sexuality and sexual health. Beginning with an extended introduction and divided into six sections, it looks at culture, sex and gender, sexual diversity, sex work, migration and sexual violence. Each section opens with an editorial discussion which places the theme, and the chapters that follow, in a contemporary context. Six additional substantive chapters can be accessed online at

Including cutting-edge conceptual and empirical material from around the world, this is a key resource for students in, and across, a variety of academic disciplines in the social and health sciences. It is especially suitable for readers from sexuality studies, gender studies, development studies, anthropology and sociology as well as those with public health and social work backgrounds.

1. Introduction: From Sex to Sexuality: Sexual Cultures and Sexual Selves Peter Aggleton, Richard Parker and Felicity Thomas  Part 1: Culture and Context  Introduction to Culture and Context  2. Sexuality, Culture and Society: Shifting Paradigms in Sexuality Research Richard Parker  3. Women's Work, Worry and Fear: The Portrayal of Sexuality and Sexual Health in US Magazines for Teenage and Middle-aged Women, 2000-2007 Juanne Clarke  4. Cultural Politics and Masculinities: Multiple-partners in Historical Perspectives in KwaZulu-Natal Mark Hunter  Part 2: Sex and Gender  Introduction to Sex and Gender  5. HIV Prevention and Low-income Chilean Women: Machismo, Marianismo and HIV Misconceptions Rosina Cianelli, Lilian Ferrer and Beverley J. McElmurry  6. 'What Does it Take to be a Man? What is a Real Man?': Ideologies of Masculinity and HIV Sexual Risk Among Black Heterosexual Men  Lisa Bowleg, Michelle Teti, Jenne S. Massie, Aditi Patel, David J. Malebranche and Jeanne M. Tschann  Part 3: Sexual Diversity and Practice  Introduction to Sexual Diversity and Practice  7. 'I Just Need to be Flashy on Campus': Female Students and Transactional Sex at a University in Zimbabwe Tsitsi Masvawure  8. Constructions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer Identities Among Young People in Contemporary Australia Paul Willis  9. 'It's Really a Hard Life': Love, Gender and HIV Risk Among Male-to-Female Transgender Persons Rita M. Melendez and Rogerio Pinto  10. Black Lesbian Gender and Sexual Culture: Celebration and Resistance Bianca D.M. Wilson  Part 4: Sex Work  Introduction to Sex Work  11. Structure and Agency: Reflections from an Exploratory Study of Vancouver Indoor Sex Workers  Vicky Bungay, Michael Halpin, Chris Atchison and Caitlin Johnston  12. Social Context, Sexual Risk Perceptions and Stigma: HIV Vulnerability Among Male Sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya  Jerry Okal, Stanley Luchters, Scott Geibel, Matthew F. Chersich, Daniel Lango and Marleen Temmerman  13. Diversity of Commerical Sex Among Men and Male-born Trans People in Three Peruvian Cities  Cesar Rodolfo Nurena, Mario Zuniga, Joseph Zunt, Carolina Mejia, Silvia Montano and Jorge Sanchez  Part 5: Sexual Violence  Introduction to Sexual Violence  14. Hidden Violence is Silent Rape: Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Undocumented Migrants in Belgium and the Netherlands Ines Keygnaert, Nicole Vettenburg and Marleen Temmerman  15. Avoiding Shame: Young LGBT People, Homophobia and Self-destructive Behaviours Elizabeth McDermott, Katrina Roen and Jonathan Scourfield  16. Barriers to Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Completion After Rape: A South African Qualitative Study  Naeemah Abrahams and Rachel Jewkes  Part 6: Mobility and Migration  Introduction to Mobility and Migration  17. Youth, Sin and Sex in Nigeria: Christianity and HIV/AIDS-related Beliefs and Behaviour Among Rural-urban Migrants Daniel Jordan Smith  18. 'Mobile Men with Money': The Socio-cultural and Politico-economic Context of 'High-risk' Behaviour Among Wealthy Businessmen and Government Officials in Urban China Elanah Uretsky  19. Race, Space, Place: Notes on the Racialisation and Spatialisation of Commerical Sex Work in Dubai, UAE Pardis Mahdavi

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