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Cruising life

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Cruising life
The Cruising Life: A Commonsense Guide for the Would-Be Voyager, Jim Trefethen. The funniest, drollest, wisest book on the shelf for the would-be cruiser. Trefethen pulls no punchesÑhe tells you just what will be involved if you and your family decide to "let slip the surly bonds of earth" and set sail. How to get ready, how to finance the voyage, how to live on your boat with maximum peace of mind and minimum hassle, and what equipment you do and don't need. (What you don't need may surprise you.)
Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: So You Want to Go Cruising Fantasy versus Reality Eschew Delusion through Enlightenment Cruising Mythologies The Boat Isn't as Important as You Might Think Chapter 2: Profiles of the Cruising Community Looking for Brian Lecur Types of Cruisers Common Traits of Successful Cruisers Chapter 3: Should You Go Cruising? Start Now to Develop Your Plan for Departure Who Is Going with You? The Nays And the Nay Nays Chapter 4: The Decision to Go Two Paths Up the Same Mountain Epiphany Don't Commit Yourself until You Have to Commit Yourself Chapter 5: Cruising without a Boat: Meet the Cruising Kitty Getting Gone You're on Your Way The Cruising Kitty Richard and the Warm Cervezas The Size of the Kitty Three Types of Cruising Kitties Chapter 6: Feeding the Kitty Start Saving Now Minimalism The Key to the Cruising Life Meet Your New Minimalist Lifestyle Credit: The Most Frivolous of All Frivolities Work to Live Put Your Money to Work The All-Service Discount Brokerage Grooming Your Kitty Risk Management Investment Vehicles Dividend Reinvestment Options Worry-Free Kitties Don't Cry, Diversify How Not to Buy Socks Planning for What Comes Next Chapter 7: Planning Departure Uncle Freddy and the Pompadour Kid Learning to Sail Learning about Cruising You're Almost Ready Susan and the Wonder Cruise Destinations The Long-Range Plan Charts and Guidebooks The First-Year Plan Don't Become a Liveaboard Chapter 8: Life Aboard An Incident at Aitutaki Cruising Skills Noncruising Cruising Skills Skills You'll Need Ashore Skills to Sell to Other Cruisers Skills to Sell Ashore Chapter 9: OK, Let's Buy a Boat Delphus and the Doofus Looking at Boats A Liability, Not an Asset Pay Cash Insurance A Few Things to Look for in Your Cruising Boat New Boats versus Old Boats Let the Search Begin The Hull The Engine What's Your Price Range? Some Favorite Boats Making an Offer Get a Survey Building Your Own Boat Chapter 10: Commence Cruising Let's Get Going The Rigging The Electrical System Batteries and Charging Systems The Engine Sea Trials Chapter 11: Food and the Cruising Galley The Most Important Part of the Boat Galley Layout and Hardware The Kitchen Sink Storage Pots and Pans Galley Gadgets Sharing the Chores A Few Fantastic Recipes from 's Galley Chapter 12: The Electronics Revolution Electronic Marvels Electronic Navigation Radar Communications The Internet Personal Computers Water, Water, Everywhere Safety at Sea Appendix Recommended Reading Index

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