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Critical rationalism, metaphysics and sc ience, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1995 Essays for Joseph Agassi Volume I Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science Series, Vol. 161

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Jarvie I.C., Laor N.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Critical rationalism, metaphysics and sc ience
The distinguished contributors from three continents focus in this book particularly on the broad philosophical framework known as critical rationalism, testing its limitations, and discovering surprising connections. The essays well illustrate the fecundity and range of Professor Agassi's interests, and the broad range of persons he has influenced. Of particular concern in the volume are the broad frameworks of rationality and of religion. The religion of science, which is something Agassi has always opposed, is debated here. Among other distinguished contributors, the volume contains one of the last papers by the late Paul K. Feyerabend.
Frontispiece, Portrait of Joseph Agassi. Editorial Preface. The Philosopher as All-Rounder -- Introduction to Volume I, I.C. Jarvie, N. Laor. Metaphysics. Universals as Tyrants and Mediators, P.K. Feyerabend. Our Difficulties in Finding the Right Words, B.-A. Scharfstein. The Confrontation and Monadology, A. Shimony. Epiphenomenalism and Human Freedom, J. Watkins. Religion, Science, and the Myth of the Framework, H. Albert. You Can't Have Science as your Religion, T. Settle. Religion and Rational Philosophy: Coming of Age, N. Laor. Logic, Reasoning, and Philosophy of Science. Peano, Logicism and Formalism, M. Segre. How Little Uniformity Need an Inductive Inference Presuppose? D. Miller. The Poverty of Rational Choice Theory, M. Bunge. Criticism, Reasoning and Judgment in Science, M. Finocchiaro. Towards a Popperian Philosophy of Science: the Problem of Credit, N. Koertge. The Mathematics of Philosophy: a Brief Review of my Work, I.J. Good. Indices.

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Thème de Critical rationalism, metaphysics and sc ience :

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