Corporate information management: the challenges of doing business in the internet age (6th ed )

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Corporate Information Strategy and Management: The Challenges of Managing in the Internet Age, 6/E is written for students and managers who desire an overview of contemporary information systems technology (IT) management. It explains the relevant issues of effective management of information services activities and highlights the areas of greatest potential application of the technology. No assumptions are made concerning the reader's experience with IT, but it is assumed that the reader has some course work or work experience in administration or management. It is a paperback derivative product that contains the same text portion found in Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases, 6/e, but without the Harvard cases.
Introduction: The Challenges of Managing in the Information Age Module 1: Information and Strategy Section 1-1. Effects of IT on Strategy and Competition: Historical Perspectives Section 1-2. Electronic Commerce: Trends and Opportunities Module 2: Information and Organization Section 2-1. Crafting Information Age Business Models Section 2-2. Developing Information Age Capabilities Section 2-3. Designing Digital Business Infrastructure Section 2-4. Valuing Investments in a Digital Infrastructure Module 3: Building Robust Operating Capabilities Section 3-1. Understanding Internetworking Architectures Section 3-2. Assuring Reliable and Secure IT Service Delivery Section 3-3. Managing Diverse IT Infrastructures Section 3-4. Operating and Innovating: Balancing Control and Agility Module 4: Implementation Section 4-1. Organizing and Leading the Information Technology Function Section 4-2. Managing IT Outsourcing Section 4-3. A Portfolio Approach to Information Technology Development Conclusion: The Challenges of Managing in the Information Age Revisited