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This is a quick access reference guide to construction and remodelling. It is organized into 30 chapters, each giving insight into a particular topic and also includes a separate chapter devoted to terms and abbreviations commonly encountered in construction.
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1: Site Work. Chapter 2: Private Water Supplies. Chapter 3: Installing a Pump System. Chapter 4: Basic Well Problems. Chapter 5: Private Sewage Disposal Systems. Chapter 6: Footings and Foundation Walls. Chapter 7: Flooring Systems. Chapter 8: Floor Coverings. Chapter 9: Wall and Ceiling Systems. Chapter 10: Exterior Wall Finishes and Trim Chapter 11: Interior and Exterior Doors Chapter 13: Roofing Systems and Coverings. Chapter 14: Steps, Stairs, and Railings. Chapter 15: Windows and Skylights. Chapter 16: HVAC Systems. Chapter 17: Plumbing Systems. Chapter 18: Electrical Systems. Chapter 19: Insulation. Chapter 20: Interior Trim. Chapter 21: Decks and Porches. Chapter 22: Fireplaces and Flues. Chapter 23: Cabinets and Counters. Chapter 24: Provisions for the Physically Challenged. Appendices. Index.