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Contemporary nutrition: issues and insights with olc bind-in card (6th ed )

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Contemporary nutrition: issues and insights with olc bind-in card (6th ed )
Contemporary Nutrition is designed for Nutrition students with little or no background in college-level biology, chemistry or physiology. A broad range of pedagogical tools such as critical thinking questions and concept checks help engage the students in Nutrition. Gordon Wardlaw uses a unique personalized approach in his writing which helps the students individualize the key concepts to their own Nutrition choices and outcomes. In the sixth edition of this text, Dr. Anne Smith, from The Ohio State University will be a new co-author with Dr. Wardlaw on Contemporary Nutrition. The 6th edition will be updated to reflect the latest guidelines and research in this constantly evolving and dynamic field.
Part 1 Nutrition: A Key to Health1 What You Eat and Why 2 Tools for Designing a healthy diet3 The Human Body: A Nutrition PerspectivePart 2 Nutrients and Alcohol: The Heart of Nutrition4 Carbohydrates5 Lipids6 ProteinsPart 3 Vitamins and Minerals7 Alcohol8 Vitamins9 Water and MineralsPart 4 Energy: Balance and Imbalance10 Energy Balance and Weight Control11 Nutrition: Fitness and Sport12 Eating DisordersPart 5 Nutrition: A Focus on Life Stages13 Pregnancy and Breastfeeding14 Nutrition from Infancy through Adolescence15 Nutrition through AdulthoodPart 6 Nutrition Beyond the Nutrients16 Food Safety17 Undernutrition throughout the WorldAppendixesAnswers to Critical Thinking QuestionsGlossary Index

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